Wonderland (#6)

Part Three Guns For Hire Chapter One Despite his assertions to Charlotte the night before, the next day found Rick full of misgivings about his current plan, and his situation as a whole. So far, his well laid plan for becoming a famous adventurer had gone completely off the rails. Winging it had never exactly … More Wonderland (#6)

Friday Films: Maquia

Okay, seriously, how did every month end up starting with an anime film? Does anyone know? What? Just cause it’s my site doesn’t mean I have any idea what’s going on. I think we’ve both established, and well proven, that fact a bunch of times over now. I’m clueless about this shit. Swear to god, … More Friday Films: Maquia

Wonderland (#5)

Part Two Are You Ready Chapter Two After a stop to mail his letters, Rick discovered something about life in Riscadil he had not been prepared for. Honestly, he had to admit, it was two things, and not the first two. One came on the heels of the another, as seemed to be the case. … More Wonderland (#5)