Well, This Sucks

Okay, so I haven’t been super active here for a while. Had a lot going on, and a lot I’m dealing with, as everyone is aware. However, all that aside, this is probably going to be my last post ever, as I’ve tried the new block editor that WordPress thinks is so awesome, and screw … More Well, This Sucks

One More Thing!

Meant to post this with the last post, but I forgot. Too much going on. You guys remember Leo? Okay, so, some time ago, I took in this little yellow kitten that was in very bad shape. Wasn’t sure he was gonna make it, but he did, and he’s doing great. He and his brother, … More One More Thing!

So Much Stuff…

Okay, so it took me a little longer than planned, but I actually managed to add pages to the blog. One that lists the books I have on both Kindle and paperback, and another for my new line of merchandise. Yeah, I got a line of merch and the damn world went to shit right … More So Much Stuff…

We Have Liftoff!

So, hey, remember that thing where I write stuff? Yeah. Use to do that here a lot. Kinda haven’t been for a while. That’s a whole story I’ll get into some other time, maybe later this week even, but for right now, I wanna talk about this novel of mine that is now available for … More We Have Liftoff!


Meant to have a movie review done, but got caught up in other stuff that ate all my time. You guys know how that goes, I’m sure. So, instead, here’s a video of Leo the kitten being adorable. That’s way better anyway.