We Have Liftoff!

So, hey, remember that thing where I write stuff? Yeah. Use to do that here a lot. Kinda haven’t been for a while. That’s a whole story I’ll get into some other time, maybe later this week even, but for right now, I wanna talk about this novel of mine that is now available for … More We Have Liftoff!


Meant to have a movie review done, but got caught up in other stuff that ate all my time. You guys know how that goes, I’m sure. So, instead, here’s a video of Leo the kitten being adorable. That’s way better anyway.

Kitten Update

As I continue to fail at getting those four anime reviews I’ve started finished, let’s all take a moment to admire two very adorable kittens. Cause honestly, what’s better than kittens? Right, so, a couple weeks ago, I mentioned I’d taken in a couple of stray kittens. There were pictures, much gushing, and so forth. … More Kitten Update