971024CB-DC02-4137-9BF6-E27AFAA17670Bunnypocalypse: Dead Reckoning

Publisher: Indie/Self

Page Count: 409

Keep your head up, put one foot in front of the other, and never stop.

For Bunny Beckman, former cop turned stripper, that motto had always been enough to keep the gun out of her mouth. Now, her beliefs, and her life, will be challenged in a way she never even imagined as the dead rise with a hunger for the living.To survive, she must face the monsters outside, and the demons within.

Wonderland Cover Design(1)Wonder Land: Black Ice

Publisher: Emery Press

Page Count: 387

Adventurer. The very word inspires visions of noble heroes, selfless champions, and epic legends. Larger than life individuals who laugh in the face of danger, know no fear, and spit in the eye of death itself.

Unfortunately for Rick Wonder, would-be adventurer, reality isn’t on speaking terms with inspiring words or noble visions.

Eager to follow in his famous father’s footsteps as a great adventurer, Rick leaves his tiny farming community to seek fame, fortune, and glory, but instead finds a world that has moved on from heroes, unless it can fit them on a novelty mug.

Rick quickly finds himself saddled with incompetent allies, beset by corrupt law enforcement, and frequently lost in a sprawling urban metropolis. Even worse, the only jobs available for a freelance adventurer tend to involve finding lost pets.

Desperate to chase his father’s legacy, Rick soon learns that even a simple missing person’s case can go horribly wrong, and that a life of adventure is far more dangerous than he could possibly imagine.

War-Witch-front-cover-finalRise: Book One of the War Witch Saga

Publisher: Dragon Moon Press

Page Count: 540

In the war between Heaven and Hell, mortals are the weapons.

Granted Divine Power, the Blessed are agents of the Gods, seeking out the Demon Seed and showing them no mercy in an endless war for the fate of creation.

For one such Blessed, Ramora, mute warrior priestess of the God of War, saving the Middle World means hunting down the Dark Blessed who took everything from her. A fierce, strong, and clever Cleric, backed by a lost art of magic, she foolishly believes herself ready for the battles to come.

By her side, Chara, a young farm girl with an unusually agile mind, and a fate that may yet destroy her as she’s groomed by Heaven itself to be a weapon like none other. Her illusions of herself, and the nature of the world, will be stripped away as she faces absolute evil with nothing but her desire to stand firm.

Together, they will challenge Hell, and the most fearsome foe the world has ever seen.

TKTN Ebook CoverThe Kingdom: The Novel

Publisher: Yeah, like anybody would publish this!

Page Count: Something, something…

Once Upon The Other Day… Welcome to the most fractured fairy tale ever seen, the kingdom of Kingdom, ruled by the mighty King Kingdom and his almost pretty daughter, Princess Norma. Whether it’s defending their domain against incompetent barbarians, fending off traitorous cats from the enemy nation of Boffin, or just dealing with an extremely lazy narrator, the royal family is sure to find the worst possible way of keeping their lands safe. Bumbling Royal Guards, a seriously demented wizard, the Ghost of Space Monkey, and more round out a cast that warps fantasy fiction in ways it may never recover from. Welcome to The Kingdom!