Oh Shit…

Ya know how I was mentioning having a link to buy shirts soon?

Yeah, that happened faster than I expected.

Welcome to the Apocalyptic Emporium, my storefront for official merchandise! Linked it right there in the name. It doesn’t always show up well. Or is that me? My eyes are getting old, okay? Hush.

I’ve got tee shirts, and hoodies right now, but I’m looking at having more stuff soon. I’m just kind of figuring out how stuff works right now, so gimme a bit to get it all sorted, and I’m gonna have totes and coffee mugs and maybe more than that.

Also planning on expanding to more than just Bunny related stuff in the near future. For now though, check it out. I’m selling my own official merchandise at my own little storefront courtesy of Bonfire.

The world is nuts.

3 thoughts on “Oh Shit…

    1. Moving beyond my control sums up my life right now. The store is already expanding with tote bags, and I’m talking with the design team about coffee mugs. I’m also considering face masks, but that feels a little much. I mean, zombie apocalypse stuff on a face mask? I dunno about that one.

      Added to the list of shit I never thought I would have to think about. Yeah.

      Crazy stuff, bud. Just crazy.

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      1. Haha…if you want my opinion? Go for it! I think people in general need some lighthearted things to make fun of this whole apocalyptic kind of world we are currently living in, so why not go with zombie facemasks!. Hell, I’ve seen ass facemasks, and that’s not even a joke! 😂😂
        Crazy stuff or not, it’s also fun stuff! Oh yeah speaking of fun stuff…keep your eyes open on my blog on a certain date. That’s all I’m saying….🤔🤔🤔


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