So Much Happening…

This is gonna be kind of short post because, as the title suggests, I’ve got a lot going on. A lot more than I planned to have going on, actually. Life has an annoying way of getting away from me and as I get older, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with it all.

Unlike the usual for me, however, all of this is good stuff, so I’m kind of okay with drowning in it all.

The first big thing that’s going on is that Emery Press, the publisher of Wonder Land: Black Ice, is holding a free giveaway over on Goodreads. Ten autographed copies of the novel to ten lucky participants. And yes, that means signed by me, which no doubt does devalue the resale of the book somewhat, but hey, if you hang on to it long enough, it may be worth a few bucks one day. People play the lottery on lower odds.

Click right Here to go enter to win a copy, or just pester me in the comments until I give in and send you one. I’m like a Tootsie Pop that way.

Second big thing is that the release date for Bunnypocalypse: Dead Reckoning is set for October 21st, which is one week away. This is exciting for me, because that makes this fit right into a Halloween schedule, but also because October 21st is Patricia’s birthday. For those who don’t know, Patricia was my wife, who passed away in 2018 for cancer. The character of Bunny is heavily based on her, so having the book come out on her birthday is really special to me. Everything fell into place in just the right way to let that happen, and I can’t help but feel like it’s just right to re-release this book on that day.

It’s possibly a little maudlin, too, but I’m a messed up guy, so I’m okay with it.

Last thing is that there will be an official Bunnypocalypse tee shirt! And this is what it will look like:

I need to thank the folks at Bonfire for helping make this a reality, and also for the online storefront which will be hosting it. A link to that will be mentioned in the next week so folks who like it can get it.

Nor is that the only thing that will be available in the storefront that will be hosting my merchandise. I’ve got a few other things in the works that will be joining it in the days and weeks, and even months to come. Merch for Wonder Land, more Bunny stuff, and maybe even some War Witch merch. Soon as I figure out what the hell we could do with that tome of horrors that would count as merchandise.

I’m kidding. I’ve got an idea for a couple of fun War Witch things.

So, yeah, I’m gonna have official merchandise and an official place to get it. I had one for a while, but that fell apart, and that’s okay. Sometimes it takes failing at something to learn how to do it right, and Bonfire has been an amazing company to work with.

Like I said, a lot is happening, and I’ve been crazy busy doing all kinds of things. Some of them have even involved writing books. Wonder Land 2 is underway, and I’ve been back at it on War Witch 2 as well. Not saying I’m close to done on either as there’s been a bunch of things keeping me distracted and busy, but they are moving forward, and all things considered, that’s pretty darn good news.

So, Bunnypocalypse: Dead Reckoning returns next week, with a tee shirt and maybe more. See you soon!

4 thoughts on “So Much Happening…

  1. Man, can’t get over how cool both the cover for the book, as well as the T-shirt look! So much going on indeed, but so many good stuff! I’m so glad things are finally moving, and I can totally imagine how special it is to release the book on that date😊
    You deserve the break, but moreover you deserve the credits: you are the driving force of this one, and I for one can’t wait to read the book! (I’m already convinced it’s going to be good!😊😊😊)
    Good luck with getting everything sorted out, but I have full confidence it’s going to work itself out just fine! 😀

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    1. I admit, I am very very excited, and very very nervous. The nerves are just part of the whole thing. I always get nervous as a book release gets closer. It’s like going on stage as an actor. In the moments leading up to it, the nervous energy builds, but as soon as you step onto stage, you just fall into it and no matter what happens, it’s awesome.

      The only down side with Bonfire right now is their lack of international shipping, which is a pain, but one I can work around for folks I know well who might want the tee. I just have to get it and ship it myself. I do understand that they are working on figuring out how to do international shipping, though, so this is a short term issue, and frankly, they are so amazing to work with, I don’t mind shouldering the international burden for a while.

      All in all, yeah, things are going great, it’s just a lot. Man is it a lot.

      On a fun side note, I am looking into the first War Witch shirt being a chibi Chara joyfully yelling Face Stabbing, so that won’t prepare people for that book at all, but it’l be fun!

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      1. I understand the being nervous part man. Were I in your shoes, I would have that same feeling. These days the things I get nervous for are annoying work related things (seriously work at the moment is totally crazy…) But eh…I’m not going to complain!
        Seriously though: nothing to be nervous about. Trust in your skills, because really you have them! I know…I’ve read your book, and it’s still a book that I look back on as having had a great time with it. It’s also a book I know I’ll eventually re-read which is what you do with good stuff! 😀
        Yeah that can be annoying I guess the international shipping thing…but it’s good to know that’s a short term issue, and quite frankly with a Tee as cool as that one, people will find it worth the wait😀
        Anyways, just cool to hear things are moving along so well for a change. After all the crap that’s really something I’m quite happy with for you!😀
        As for the sidenote? Lol…so much fun indeed!!! 😀😀

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