Going Crazy

Well, okay, I probably went crazy a while ago. It’s hard to tell these days. Most of the voices insist I’m not, but majority rule is how we got Trump, so I’m not ready to agree. Joking aside, this is just sort of a quick update on my long running Wednesday Fiction content. Or rather, … More Going Crazy

The Chronicles Of Petalwynd: Labyrinth (The Witch’s Cottage, Part 2)

Henry knocked on the door of the witch’s cottage. Then, very suddenly, he was standing in a cave. “Of course,” he sighed. “That was unexpected,” Petalwynd commented. Henry glanced down at her in annoyance, then noticed they were alone. Before he could fully process that, he realized that, as they were standing in a cave, … More The Chronicles Of Petalwynd: Labyrinth (The Witch’s Cottage, Part 2)

Friday Films: Stargate

Hey, you know who I love? Okay, yes, Milla Jovovich is definitely someone I love. Not what I meant, but, yeah. If you guessed Kurt Russell, then congratulations, you are correct. As I mentioned back when I reviewed The Christmas Chronicles, I am huge Kurt Russell fan. I’ve seen pretty much everything he’s done, and … More Friday Films: Stargate

Everything Changes

Pretty sure I mentioned this just the other day, but I wanted to go a bit more in depth here, as instead of the regular installment of the ongoing Wonderland, I’m doing… this. So, long story short, Wonderland has attracted the attention of a small, indie press, that is interested in seeing what the final … More Everything Changes

Cain’s Favorites: Everything’s Fine, Thanks For Asking

Hey, guys! Today’s my birthday! Forty six years I’ve been kicking around this old world of ours, and look at what I’ve got to show for it. A mildly successful blog about anime, and an ongoing struggle to be taken seriously as an author. Huh. Wow. Thanks for bringing me down, guys. Appreciate that. Today, … More Cain’s Favorites: Everything’s Fine, Thanks For Asking