Monday Anime: Paprika

Ever since I first saw Paranoia Agent, long about 2005, I have been almost obsessively fascinated with the work of Satoshi Kon. It’s not a stretch to say he is my all time favorite anime director and writer, edging out even Miyazaki, for a lot of reasons. Blasphemy, I know. I will suffer my torment … More Monday Anime: Paprika

The Adventures Of Bill & Kris: The Trial of Bill Wick

Theron Ashscale looked down as the scattered remains of Mannaford Constantine, the Baron of Warbly. “Wow.” “I know, right? He spared a quick glance of Haller, the older mercenary that had been his right hand since the day they had killed the Queen, and failed to kill the Princess. The day Bill had stood against … More The Adventures Of Bill & Kris: The Trial of Bill Wick

Monday Anime: Gyo

Oh… wow… I don’t even… just wow… What the actual fuck was that? Okay, so, did anyone else see this? Please, tell me you did, and your reaction is the same as mine? That, when the credits rolled, you sat there, staring at the screen, wondering who the fuck thought this was a good idea? … More Monday Anime: Gyo

Build A Harem!

Christ. Okay. I’m actually doing this. Fuck it all. Alright, so let’s start things off by reminding everyone that I hate harem anime. I’ve seen one, maybe two, that didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out with the remains of when my cats shed their claws. You know, those little things that get … More Build A Harem!