Fiction Fun: Dust

Renni pulled himself up, grunting as he found his feet and swayed, scanning the battlefield. The crows would feast well today, but otherwise, he couldn’t find that much had been gained. Turning, he was stricken with the sheer scope of the carnage. He had known this would be a fierce battle, and that many would … More Fiction Fun: Dust

FullMetal GIF Party!

Well, it’s Friday again. The fifth one this month. That special time when I usually talk about music in anime. Yeah, I got nothin’. I really hate when there’s extra Friday’s in a month. I run out of thinking capacity by then. The old 60 KB hard drive gets full fast, ya know. No RAM … More FullMetal GIF Party!

Critical Role: And Now For Something Completely Different

I’m not usually one for writing fan fiction. Mostly because I’m usually to tied up working on my original fiction. Only so many hours in the day, and all that. Still, now and then, either because something funny tickled my brain, or I’m not making any head way on my own work, I’ll jot something … More Critical Role: And Now For Something Completely Different