Critical Role: The Facepalm Record

I swear, we’re only four episodes into the new campaign, and I think Matt has already broken his record for faceplaming at the decisions the players make. It’s kind of magical, in a way. As a fellow DM, I can relate.

Okay, I can more than relate. I can completely empathize with how he feels.

In last week’s episode, the party was getting ready to head out to a new location, having saved the day, and their own skins, very narrowly. Before hand, as players will, they decided to try and pick up a few supplies, like healing potions, get a decent bath, and stop off to buy drugs.

No, yeah, they totally stopped off to buy drugs.

Because players are the worst.

As much as I’d love to blame Taliesin for most of this, really, it’s Sam’s fault. We had the whole “Do you spice?” debacle, brought on by Scanlan’s inability to deal with reality in the last campaign, and this time around, it’s Taliesin who’s the morally complicated individual. His new character, Molly, is going to be interesting to watch develop.

Or terrifying. Could still go either way.

Regardless, here we are. The new party. Buying drugs. Because of course they are.


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