Opinion Time

Hey, so, I’ve got a question I want to ask you guys. In other words, I want your opinion on something. So, I’ve made a poll. I think. I’ve never actually tried to make a poll before, so I have no idea if this going to work, but I figure, what the hell, let’s give it a go.

For over a year now, I’ve been sharing three ongoing, serialized stories here on my blog. The Adventures Of Bill & Kris, The Chronicles Of Petalwynd, and Warsong. With some of these, I am approaching a point where the over arching narrative is going to be reaching a natural ending.

With Bill & Kris, I had always envisioned telling the story of how Bill & Kris met as a novel, with the conclusion of their story being a second novel. The short stories, those are what happen in between, and would, in a way, form a book of their own. Petalwynd has a definite beginning, middle, and end, which I am getting somewhat close to. Warsong, as I originally planned it, would take place over four “books”, or seasons, as I kind of thought of it, as it’s meant to somewhat emulate an anime series.

Of late, I’ve been wondering just how popular these things are with you guys. I know they get a decent number of views, but I’m not clear on how much you are actively enjoying the ongoing narratives. So, I’m just gonna ask.

The basic idea here is that I was thinking of maybe collecting all of these, giving them a good, proper, edit, and releasing them as really cheap Kindle ebooks. Of course, I need to ask my publisher about that, as they might have an opinion as well. Still, even if they do, for example, want to release them as physical, print books, it’d be nice to have some idea of whether or not there’s a readership for them.

The other reason I’m considering it is because it would generate new interest in the blog, in my other novel, and in general, be a pretty decent marketing tool, if I put them up on Kindle for, like, ten cents or some shit. I don’t know if there’s a minimum pricing. I’m not even sure how to do Kindle formatting. There’ll be a lot of stuff I need to consider along the way, but before I start thinking about it too much, let’s see what you guys think.

So, this is an audience participation thing. Please, feel free to vote, and even comment if you have an opinion that’s not listed. Before I bounce this off my publisher, I’d really like some idea of if there’s any actual interest in either a Kindle, or print, version of this ever being made available.

One last thing. I am aware you guys can read all of this now, for free. Not missing that point. As I said, this is more about possibly expanding the content to new readers, and building my reputation as a writer, and expanding interest in my work, as well as the blog. Basically, it’s a marketing move.

On the other hand, if this goes forward, these things will have a shiny cover, so that’ll be new.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about, and this is your chance to tell me to shut up and talk about anime some more. Feel free to vote, and don’t worry. I won’t be easily offended if nobody has any interest in the idea.

It’s not like this is my life’s work, or my whole identity is tied up in being successful as a writer, or anything. Nope. Nothing like that at all.

Just a dude. Who wants to be noticed.

By senpai.

Here’s the poll. Maybe.


6 thoughts on “Opinion Time

  1. This sounds like it could be an interesting idea. I’ll be honest, the only one I read of the three is The Chronicles Of Petalwynd (so clearly that is what I voted for). It isn’t that I didn’t like the others, just I can’t follow that many stories when they are split up into pieces (I’m a binge reader), so I decided to just follow the one as the parts came out.

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    1. Actually, I’m with you there. I like to be able to dive in and just run through a story myself. I did consider just telling one at a time, but that didn’t seem challenging enough for me, so like an idiot, I decided to do three, and even I have a hard time keeping up.

      So, yeah, don’t blame ya one bit.

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