Critical Role: Sam May Be Evil

Every week, Critical Role gets sponsored by various groups. They’ve been sponsored by Tor Books, Marvel Puzzle Quest, various video games, even movies, when Vin Diesel joined them for a game. Most of the time, for some reason, Sam is responsible for handling the copy that is meant to promote the sponsor.

I’m not sure who decided this, but if this was anything other than Critical Role, odds are this would not go well, as he tends to get pretty liberal with the copy he writes. Most sponsors and advertisers have their own team that puts things together. For reasons that defy logic, everybody who sponsors Critical Role is just okay with Sam doing his own thing.

Now, if you’ve never seen this before, I’m just gonna say that Sam tends to go his own way. He has his own style. He likes to put his personal touch on the copy. It gets a bit… weird.

For clarity sake, I did once, briefly, work in advertising. There’s things you just don’t do, or allow to happen. For some reason, Critical Role is immune to this rule. Sam does what Sam does, and nobody questions it. In fact, it has become a thing that sponsors are apparently completely okay with.

Granted, it’s hysterically funny, so maybe that’s just all there is to it. Even the sponsors love seeing what insane thing he’s going to come up with. When you start talking stuff like Marvel Puzzle Quest, though, it boggles my mind that they would basically hand this man a loaded gun, and let him run around with it. Those guys are a pretty big deal in the gaming apps market, after all, and Marvel is… well… Marvel.

Regardless, Sam goes crazy every week, and delivers what is in a nutshell, a one man show of crazy. Personally, I love it, and always look forward to his sponsor copy, but from an advertising standpoint, I really can’t figure how he gets away with it. Advertisers have no actual sense of humor that I’ve ever noticed.

Maybe the world has changed more than I knew.

A great example of Sam doing his thing, is from last weeks episode, where he got Laura’s help promoting the new DnD Beyond gaming aid app that the cast is using. This gets crazy, funny, weird, and a little surreal. I mean, I know the guys over at Wizards of the Coast are all in on Critical Role, but this is the sort of thing most advertisers have nightmares about.

Basically, I think Sam may be an evil wizard. Laura may also kill him. I know Travis isn’t brave enough to get between she and the target of her wrath, so let’s all just hope she doesn’t go full Lust on him.


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