Closing Time: My Love Story

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the little rom com anime that could, My Love Story. Everything about it as about as perfect as you can get. Well crafted characters who behave in a realistic, believable fashion. A story line that eschews the usual to explore something new, the actual perils and pitfalls of dating. A strong supporting cast with stories of their own going on. Stunning animation, a beautiful soundtrack, and best of all, a sweetness that’ll rot your teeth faster than being punched in the mouth by a thousand goth loli’s.

Editor’s note: I have not been punched in the mouth by a thousand goth loli’s. Yet.

The OP for the show is among one of my favorites of all time, but the ED is a real masterpiece of using imagery, perspective, and metaphor to tell the story of what the series is about. While on the surface, it’s just a good ED, when you look at it a little closer, you see that it’s got a lot to say.

First things first. The music used is “Happiness’ Hiding Place” by a band called Local Connect. I can’t say I’m familiar with them, and this appears to be their first time as an anime song, but just from my taste in music, these guys are either going places, or have been places and have stories to tell about it.

Which is just my way of saying the music is awesome. It’s a great piece, and it fits this show like a glove. Madhouse did a great job of putting together a set of visuals that play to the song, as well, which is always nice to see happen. It bring sit all together in a special way, that kind of warms the heart.

Not in a way that makes you want a Tums, either, so bonus.

The night sky scene it starts on is just gorgeous, and feels soothing. It fits the music, and kind of eases you into the closing credits nicely. It likely has some deeper meaning, but what, escapes me.

It’s as soon as the lyrics kick in that we start getting the real meat of the ED. Takeo, walking, with a small background box showing scenes of town. Notice how he’s bigger than the box? Yeah. That’s pretty cool. It showcases how he’s outsized to the world he lives in. How he doesn’t fit.

The stark white of the rest of it is a nice backdrop for the credits, but also renders Takeo alone. Too big for the world, and isolated, always looking for something he can’t find, which you can see in the way he’s not looking at the camera, but somewhere behind it.

I mean, c’mon! That’s awesome metaphor, guys!

The sudden turn, as if something has drawn his attention, then the slow inward pan as he looks to see if it’s real, doubtful, becoming wide eyed in amazement, as the music swells, the lyrics rise, and suddenly, there’s Rinko, dancing across the screen.

The same small box within the white field remains, but Rinko fits within it, easily casting her as smaller and more suited to the world around her. Beyond that, though, is that all through her movements, she is shown smiling, laughing, and beautiful. We see her, as Takeo sees her.

Of course, there’s Suna, with his half smile, and kind eyes, looking back to Takeo, as the scene pulls back, showing he and Rinko together. As soon as it does, the very next image is of Takeo, with a full screen background. In them, he finds his place in the world, and just like that, he fits.

No more little boxes. No more world that he doesn’t fit into. No more looking at the horizon. Takeo runs to join them, and with them, he has his own place in the world, symbolized by the way the screen moves to a little box that includes all three.

That’s literally the story of My Love Story, right there. It’s a brilliant ED, because it tells a story, the shows story, in such an amazing way. That’s awesome!

Seriously, Madhouse. More of this, okay? You can do it. C’mon. You know you can.

Yeah, let’s not hold our breath. They might get a chance to do an anime of Star Trek and fill it with alien boobs bouncing off the ship’s shields.

Still, they did this, and I gotta love them for it.


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