Great Moments In Anime: An Alchemists Rage

Since we’re in FullMetal month here at this… bloggy place… I figured I’d go full bore and share one of my favorite moments in all of anime. The very literal definition of what rage looks like.

A lot of anime shows have characters who get angry. A lot of them have both heroes and villains who go into a frenzy of anger. None have ever managed to depict actual rage, however, as well as FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood did when Roy Mustang finally caught up with the individual responsible for the death of his best friend.

Here be spoilers, for those who are not up on something that aired eight years ago. Though, seriously, what the hell are you doing with your time? This is FullMetal Alchemist.

Early in the series, Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes figures out what is really going on, and to prevent him exposing what he has learned, he is murdered, leaving behind a wife and daughter, that can only wonder why. Colonel Roy Mustang, Hughes best friend, quickly realizes Hughes was on to something, and was killed to keep him quiet.

He spends much of the rest of the series looking for answers, and specifically, the one who killed Hughes. When he finally catches up to him, the homunculus Envy, Roy’s anger has festered for a long time, and has become a full blown rage. Which is terrifying to see.

This is the thing that really makes the scene stand out, however. Watching a good man become so consumed with hate, giving himself so fully to rage, that he risks loosing himself completely to these things. Roy becomes blind to who he is, and what he is doing, in his thirst to punish the person who killed Hughes.

It’s also one of the most powerfully animated scenes in all of anime. Graphic, and terrifying, it pulls no punches, and honestly, you find yourself feeling for Envy. While he certainly has punishment coming for what he did, Roy takes it way too far, and Envy’s fear is palpable.

Rightfully so, as what Roy is capable of is monstrous, and the manner in which he is animated for this makes him seem more monstrous than the inhuman Envy. It is a brilliant piece of work on every level, and captures what rage makes us capable of, and why it is such a fearful emotion.


3 thoughts on “Great Moments In Anime: An Alchemists Rage

  1. This moment is always so intense when watching the show. It really makes you realise that for all that Mustang likes to play the fool or the stern soldier, he actually is a person and one who has been hurt by the death of his friend.Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I don’t know if I’d say Roy took it too far, necessarily. Heck, when Envy is at his lowest, reduced back to his worm-like form, Roy hesitates to finish him off. Everything up until then, however brutal, was simply necessary. Homonculi do not go down easy, with power enough to plow straight through small armies, and Roy was taking Envy down alone. His anger drove him on with blow after relentless blow, yet he was precise and controlled, such that Riza wasn’t in any danger from those explosions ever when she was barely a stone’s throw away. And finally, at the last moment, he wasn’t able to finish Envy off himself. He’s a warrior, a soldier, he’s known war, and he’s killed enemies in combat, and still he doesn’t kill the creature who murdered his best friend. That doesn’t seem “too far” to me.


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