An FMA Happiness Post

So, two weeks ago, my internet went down. Turns out, it was because someone with a brush hog ran over the little relay box, and then a technician didn’t actually fix it properly. Needless to say, I was all like…

As of today, however, it is fixed, and everything is back up and running as it should be. I am, once again, able to to do all the things I normally do on the net, like update my blog without having to go to the library, or wrestle with a borrowed lap top that is running the shitstorm that is Windows 10. Not that I don’t appreciate the loan of the laptop, of course, but still, now I’m all like…

To celebrate this happy day, when my world returns to something that kind of somewhat in a way resembles something like a thing that would be considered normal, I figured I’d share some fun memes relating to FMA.

Okay, mostly to Armstrong. Cause he’s awesome.





The best thing ever.




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