Striking The Wrong Note: Log Horizon

We’re gonna do something a little different this week. We’re gonna talk about a really awesome OP, and how the show itself failed to live up to it.

Okay, so, that’s not really all that different when you think about it, but generally, I focus on shows that are good, but the OP is terrible, or just doesn’t quite prepare you for the show you are about to watch in some way. Kind of like with Death parade, where both the OP and the show were great, but had two totally different tones.

With Log Horizon, the problem is that the OP is great, but the show itself sucks so hard it almost turns into a black hole made entirely out of shit. Which is kind of amazing in its own right. I mean, I didn’t know an anime could be that bad, ya know? And I’ve seen Ikki Tousen!

The horror of a beloved form of entertainment being so abused still haunts me.

Anyway, Log Horizon is a endless trudge of episodes, some fifty or so, but it feels like a thousand, that came out at some point in time which I’ve tried to purge from my memory, from a studio that should be burned to the ground for allowing this abomination to be loosed on the world.

Yes, I really hated this show,

The story, if you want to call it that, follows a bunch of people who are either transported to another world that is just like their favorite MMO, or are trapped in their favorite MMO. Which one is never made clear. Instead of trying to find a way home, they decide to follow around this guy named Shiro, who is so perfect, everyone loves him, even though everyone hates him, for reasons.

Nothing about the show makes sense. It’s just one pointless meandering plot line after another. I may have ranted at great length about all this in the past. And I do mean great length.

Though, to be fair, my novel is over 600 pages long, so great length is kind of what I do.

That aside, the OP promises a lot of things, like high adventure, epic characters, and all that kind of jazz. Instead, we get people being sad, and a how to on starting your own McDonald’s. What we don’t get is high adventure, epic characters, or any jazz at all. We get small children going on a D&D quest, and fucking it up.

Whoo fucking hoo.

The title song, Database, by Man With A Mission, is even great. It’s fast paced, high energy, and a bit heavy metal. It feels like the kind of song you would associate with a rollicking ride through a fantasy world, not a pointless and clichéd harem soap opera. The visuals even back up the music, with intense imagery that implies a combat filled fantasy anime, with life or death stakes. They fail to mention the long and dull scenes of Shiro explaining to everyone how he’s smarter than all of them, and why.

All that was missing from his explanations was a powerpoint presentation with flowcharts. That’s how exciting Log Horizon is. Powerpoint and flow charts would have improved it.

Hell, a few gratuitous nude scenes probably would have improved it, and I hate gratuitous nude scenes.

Anyway, check it out below, but don’t be fooled. The show is nowhere near as cool as the OP implies.


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