Closing Time: Eden Of The East

Back in November, when I talked about the OP to Eden of the East, one of the things I praised about it was the ability to set a mood, and that it surpassed most OP’s as a work of art unto itself.

Since then, I’ve often felt like I did the show a disservice in not highlighting the amazing work done on the ED, and figured it was time to rectify that. I mean, I’m more or less flying by the seat of my pants this month, so what the hell, yeah?

For the ED, Production I.G., the studio behind the series, decided to really go crazy and break from anime norms even further than having an OP done by a British rock band. They did a stop motion encapsulation of the story, using paper cut outs.

Now, I can’t say for sure that this wasn’t all CG, but it doesn’t look it, and considering the level of detail that went into the backdrops of the series, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this was all totally legit. It also fits the rather odd nature of the story, the characters, and everything else Eden of the East to do an actual stop motion paper cut out ED.

Production I.G. does tend to go full throttle when they go. I mean, have you seen Psycho-Pass?

When I say they recap the story, I mean it, too. The entire thing basically tells you not just how the show is going to end, but in a weird way, explains how we get there. It’s kind of vague, I’ll grant, but the relationship between Saki and Akira is still at the core of the ED, just as it is the series.

Basically, it’s super nifty. Should it all actually be done with stop motion paper cut outs, then it’s a damn work of art, on top of that.

When mixed with the song, “Futuristic Imagination” by School Food Punishment, one of the better rock band names I’ve ever heard, it just goes up that extra level to something you never mind watching at the end of an episode. Which is kind of the trick when it comes to ED’s, anyway.

You really want people to watch them, and catch the names of all the folks who busted ass to make the show you just saw. While most ED’s are just sort of there, some are exceptional, and a rare few, amazing. Eden of the East, like everything else related to it, is definitely amazing.


One thought on “Closing Time: Eden Of The East

  1. It was such a great series, incredible. This song certainly takes me back to it. But then again the entire music in this series was amazing. It certainly made sure the tone was set for this 😊


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