Striking The Wrong Note: El Cazador de la Bruja

I really love this show. It’s one of my favorite anime series ever made. Even though I know it isn’t cool to like anything made by Bee Train, I still love this show. Of course, me and the anime elite have never seen eye to eye on anything, so I figure I’m not gonna change my opinion any time soon.

That OP, though. Holy crap. I dunno what the guys at Bee Train were smoking, but it was clearly some good shit.

El Cazador de la Brujah is a series I reviewed some time back, so I’m just gonna link to that here, and let you get a broader sense of the show than I usually give in Friday posts. Fair warning, I do go on a bit, as this is one of my top five favorite anime series of all time.

Which, if I had only watched the OP, I probably wouldn’t be saying. There’s openings that do little to sell the series, then there’s this. For such a great show, this OP really, seriously, undersells it, and if I’m being honest, doesn’t just set the wrong tone, or the wrong expectations, but actively confuses the viewer as to what the hell they are even getting in to.

Which is kind of the biggest problem with it. It is a confusing mess. I can get that it was meant to be metaphorical, or something, but it just makes a viewer scratch their head, and wonder what they watching. Nothing about it makes any real sense, and while a few of the themes from the show do crop up, they are mixed in with a bag of crazy.

Even worse, the OP hints at events that not only don’t happen in the show, but the show actively rejects the idea of ever happening. Ellis only fires one gun, one time, in the entire show, and there was an incredibly specific reason for that. Outside of that, Nadie made it incredibly clear to Ellis that she was never to touch her gun, or any gun. Which Ellis never did.

She certainly never rained lead into a band of CIA agents with a semi-automatic. No more than time reversed. Or any of the other things the OP suggests could happen. Nothing that transpires in the OP actually happens in the series, to be honest, or even comes close.

Which just makes this OP weird in every way.

The music is from Yuki Kajiura, who composed the entire soundtrack. it’s a beautiful piece of music, and a great theme song. The problem lies entirely with the visuals. They are convoluted, directionless, and blatantly misleading.

Still, it’s better than the ED, which has a cat sniper, and Nadie in a fire bikini, or something. The ED doubles down on the confusion, and makes reference to things that not only didn’t happen in the show, but couldn’t have possibly happened.

Despite how much I love this show, I always skip the OP and ED when rewatching it. They irritate me endlessly. Check out the OP below, and if you really want to have your brain twisted, click here to see the ED. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, though.


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