Critical Role: Devil Shaming

In every young adventurers life, there comes that point where they just have to go to hell. By which, obviously, I mean the Nine Hells, the realm of devils, and lawyers. Not that there’s a lot of difference.

When Vox Machina found themselves there, they naturally decided to have a look around, and do some shopping, which lead to a rather bizarre conversation with a lowly devil. One in which the poor creature got more than a little frustrated with the incredibly weird customers it found itself dealing with.

The two big highlights of this scene are the masterful way Matt Mercer sets the scene, and describes everything. He uses every tool in his kit to take this simple shopping trip and make it a truly memorable scene. The other is Marisha literally shaming a devil. Like, making the poor thing feel about an inch tall.

Devils are people too, Marisha. Geeze.

Keyleth has always struggled with her dark side, accidentally killing children and dwarves, but when she embraces it, and controls it, you get a real sense of just how dangerous this goofy druid could actually be, should she turn to evil. Which, for me anyway, is one of those D&D moments that really just stays with you.

Mind you, she totally blows it at the end, but she wouldn’t be Keyleth if she didn’t.


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