Closing Time: Devil May Cry

Yes, some how the universe has folded in on itself, creating a closed loop from which there is no escape. I dunno what to tell you guys. Welcome to the hell of infinite Dante.

Okay, so last week, I talked about how crappy the OP for Devil May Cry was. This week, I want to talk about how freaking awesome the ED is. Because my life is nothing but a series of WTF moments these days.

One thing I do want to say first. As an anime, Devil May Cry is still pretty much crap. Nothing can change that. It is a fundamental law of the universe. A constant that holds back the rise of the Dark Ones. An immutable law.

That ED, though. Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick. Why the ever loving fuck was this not the OP?

Oh. Right. Cause the show could never live up to it. Not without somebody, somewhere, actually taking the time to try and make a good show out of it. Which would have burned way too much of that sweet cash Madhouse got for making this mess.

Wouldn’t want that, would we?

The thing the OP tried, and horribly failed, to do was cast Dante as the perpetual loner, plagued by demons, and surrounded by people he could try, and ultimately fail, to save. The ED actually accomplishes this.

The whole sepia wash to the scene, the slow pan, the shrouded office, all as Dante sits alone, holding a glass of whiskey he isn’t even drinking effectively casts him as alone, lost, and tragic. The brief shots of the other cast members, mostly hidden in darkness, almost fading away, tells the story of his failures damn effectively.

As does the final moment of him standing to walk away, and vanishing himself. A man lost, who just wants to not be, rather than live with his own past. All of it actually works, and works really damn well.

Topping it all off is that music. “I’ll Be Your Home”, sung by Rin Oikawa, genuinely sets the tone for the character of Dante as the tragic figure the show so desperately wants him to be. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that makes the ED far and away greater than the actual show it belongs to.

The thing that gets me about this is that they had it. Right here, they had it. Just make a show that lives up to this, and you are golden. Make this your OP, and build everything around it.

But, sadly, Devil May Cry is based on a video game franchise that was, for lack of a nice way to say it a flash in the pan when all was said and done. Yet, for all the games, and the anime, were much ado about nothing, there was this one, small, shining moment, when somebody, somewhere, got it right, and made something people out of a pile of crap.

I guess every now and then, even a turd can be polished into something beautiful.


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