Critical Role: Big Damn Heroes

I admit, one of my favor things about playing D&D is the fact you can never really know what’s going to happen until you get into the middle of things. A good or bad roll of the dice changes everything in an instant, and the decisions the players make can alter the entire story in ways you can’t predict.

However, there’s something else that often gets overlooked, even by me. That is the sheer silliness of having a group of friends together. The in jokes, the banter, both in and out of character, and the utterly absurd moments that only happen because you are with friends.

I’ve mentioned T.J. Sohre and her YouTube channel before. I’ve frequently shared her videos, as she animates some of these truly silly moments. T.J. has a real knack for capturing these things, and never fails to make me laugh my ass off at how perfectly the moment is captured.

Now, T.J. has taken things a step further. Some moments are too small for a whole video, so in her wisdom, she has begun crafting these collected bits of insanity. There are now two of them, and both are completely hilarious.

This, my friends, is Vox Machina, the big damn heroes who have saved the world countless times.

Kinda scary, ain’t it?



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