Striking The Wrong Note: Devil May Cry

Right, so, I know this whole anime just exists as a promo for the games, but seriously? This is the best they could do? They couldn’t at least try to make it somewhat better? Really?

For fuck’s sake.

Oh, and look, it’s from Madhouse. Because of course it is. What else did I expect after that travesty that was Supernatural? For them to learn their lesson about poorly adapting popular franchises? How silly!

Okay, so, the show itself isn’t that terrible, really. I mean, it isn’t good, either, but at least it won’t be making my Why Am I Reviewing This section any time soon. Storm always loved it, for some reason I never really got. I think she just thought Dante was kinda hot.

Hey, she’s been with me for 22 years. Obviously, she has shit taste in men, ya know?

Anyway. Devil May Cry is a 12 episode long plug for a highly successful series of video games that didn’t need a plug. Madhouse has never learned to say no to people throwing money at them, though, so this anime now exists, for no apparent reason.

And boy, oh boy, did they not spend most of that money on the OP. It’s genuinely bad. Not even in an accidental way. This is like, somebody made these choices thinking they were good. That’s intentionally bad.

The music is… meh. It doesn’t totally suck, I guess, but it doesn’t exactly do much for getting you in the mood to watch a half hour of a dumbass eating strawberry sundaes, or whatever the fuck it was. Much less that screeching little girl that just wouldn’t die.

It’s the visuals. They really are just terrible. Lots of peoples feet walking. A sword that apparently hovers at Dante’s back without anything holding it in place. A really, really long shot of that, too, so we get a good look at how “awesome” that sword looks. Then, a motorcycle! People! More of Dante walking away in slow motion!

So much Dante walking away in slow motion! It kind makes me want to tell him to hurry the fuck up and go already.

Wait, now we have sad Dante. At least this is different. Oh, no, now we have fan service girls. Angry Dante killing… a scarecrow, maybe? More fan service girls. And now Dante is walking towards us in slow motion.

Wow. Yeah. I’m so happy. He’s getting closer. Slowly. How exciting.

And we’re done.

Whoever made that OP should be so ashamed. I’m just saying. So terribly ashamed. That’s just… bad. It doesn’t even really tell you what the show is about, or what to expect. Mostly. Kinda.

Wait… I’ve seen this show. It actually kinda does. The whole show is basically just the OP. How did I not notice this before?

Fuck me. Devil May Cry strikes the right note, and the wrong one, all at once. This must be the eighth level of hell, just knowing this thing exists.



2 thoughts on “Striking The Wrong Note: Devil May Cry

  1. I absolutely loved the Devil May Cry game (well the first one that is, the sequels were pretty crap), but I haven’t seen the anime. Reading this though, I’m really kind of glad that I did not see it lol 😂😂 And wow…/you are so right about this OP, it looks absolutely horrible. Even the song is complete crap. Well…thanks for at least letting me avoid this anime. My to watch list is still way too long anyway 😊


  2. Wow, you weren’t kidding.

    Bad visuals aside, they don’t even work with the song. It doesn’t look like there was any effort at all to do so.

    I remember watching one episode of this show (mostly because Dante is “so cooooool”) and not finding any interest in what was going on. I don’t really remember this OP though, else I might not have made it even that far.


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