Critical Role: Before They Went Mainstream

If you’ve been following the gang over at Critical Role, you’ll know that the story of Vox Machina didn’t start with the live stream. It started some time before that. A couple of years before that, actually.

It all started with a birthday gift to Liam O’Brien, who had played D&D a bit in high school, and wanted to play again. Since Matt was basically being the Jehovah’s Witness of D&D, he offered to do a one shot for Liam’s birthday, and invite some friends.

Thus, did the story of Vox Machina begin, as playing D&D is like eating Lay’s potato chips. You can’t play just once.

As the game went on, word started spreading of these well known voice actors and their game of Dungeons & Dragons, leading to interest in it from Geek & Sundry. The rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, the early games weren’t filmed, because that’d be weird. However, there are a few vines and videos filmed by the gang as they played that have circulated, especially now that Critical Role is such a huge thing.

As you can see below, things weren’t much different back then, except that we weren’t invited to join in until later. And man, am I ever glad we were. Spending time with the gang of Critical Role has made all the terrible things I’ve been dealing with this past year and a half a bit easier to manage.

I know how that sounds, I really do. Sincerely, truly, watching Matt, Travis, Laura, Ashley, Liam, Marisha, Taliesin, and Sam every week gets me through, by making me smile, making me gasp, and making me feel like part of the gang.

The little things matter, more than we think.


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