Striking The Right Note: Baccano!

Every now and then, you see a show, and the OP just seems kind of bizarre. The more you watch, though, the more the OP makes sense, and the decisions behind making it the way it was eventually become obvious.

One of the best examples of this I’ve even seen is the 2007, 16 episode Baccano, from Brain’s Base (Princess Jellyfish, Blood Lad), a show that is so chaotic, by the time you reach the end, the OP is the most logical thing in play.

I’m not even going to try to explain the plot of Baccano, at least, not here. Maybe later, I’ll give it a go. It’d take too long to sort through the various various character arcs, not to mention the different time periods the story follows. Let’s just say for now that it largely revolves around Prohibition Era New York, and an immortality elixir. Sort of. Sometimes.

Yeah, this show is hard to explain.

The OP, on the other hand, is a bit easier. At first glance it’s just a standard series of character intros. The more the story runs, though, the more you get why the OP is the way it is. You’re gonna need all those reminders of who everyone is in this genuinely enormous cast.

Well, if you’re one of those people who can’t pay attention to something for more than five minutes without having to look at your phone to see if someone said something about you. For grown ups, the cast is a bit easier to keep up with.

More importantly, the OP serves to introduce us to the massive number of characters present in this story, while giving us at least a brief look at who each of them are as people, and hint at what role they will play in the story as the show progresses, as well as how they relate to one another. Which is a lot to fit into an OP, and something you only really get as you go deeper int the rabbit hole that is Baccano.

The music, Guns & Roses, by Paradise Lunch, is the most 30’s thing you’ll hear all day, and perfectly captures the roller coaster ride that watching this show is. It’s lively, frantic, and free wheeling, much like the story, the characters, and I can only imagine what the production team was feeling as they tried to bring all of this madness together.

If you’ve never given Baccano a try, you really should. Most of what you need to know is right there in the OP, and it only gets crazier from there. It’s a hell o a ride, and one that is most certainly worth your time.


3 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Baccano!

  1. I’d love to see you try and explain Baccano’s story in a post. I tried with its sibling Durarara and wow, that was a mess. A fun mess though.


  2. I absolutely love the opening to Baccano and I love how Isaac and Miria kind of frame the whole thing. The music is great, it shows off the cast and gives you a bit of a clue about their personality, and it is just fun.

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  3. Hello…it’s really been a while…my apologies. You will see a lot of comments and likes heading your way over the coming days as I am finally going to catch up on a lot of posts that I have missed reading on your blog. And I do mean a lot. But covering about 5 posts a day should allow me to catch up rather quickly, if all goes well.
    So…Baccano. It will probably not be a huge surprise that I have never seen this one, as when it comes to anime I’m always the last person to hit the bandwagon. I actually could not see this video (legal stuff for mu country), but thanks to the power of YouTube I could see it in another video. This series seems like a lot of fun, and I really like the music. It reminds me a little bit of Cowboy Bebop if I am being honest. And yes I payed attention, even though these days I have entered the mobile age as well, and bought a cellphone (yes still pretty much in shock from that as well. Thanks for sharing this one, and it’s a nice start for my journey to catch up on everything that I have missed 😀

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