Closing Time: Attack On Titan

One of my favorite animes to hit the ground like a runaway bulldozer in recent years has been Attack On Titan. Because, like many people, I appreciate just how much work went into making the show seem intense, despite very little actually happening most of the time.

Well, that, and I like watching people get eaten by giant humanoids. There’s a reason for that, but it’s best we not discuss it.

Naturally, as someone who enjoys Titan a lot, and has a fondness for bad ass ladies, I think Mikasa is awesome. Completely of her rocker, bat shit insane, yes, but awesome. I mean, you guys did see some of the expressions on her face when the Female Titan was rampaging around the city, right?

Yeah, Mikasa is likely insane. Which, all thing considered, is probably the only logical thing left to her. The shit that girls seen and been through doesn’t really leave total sanity as a viable option, after all.

Which Studio Wit seemed to notice.

The first half of season one featured a really interesting ED that, until the show did the Mikasa flashback episode, I didn’t get, but felt was incredibly important in order to understand just why she was so devoted to Eren, and such a crazy bad ass.

Turns out, there was a good reason for all that.

What I love about the ED is that it’s all about Mikasa, despite Eren being the protagonist of the series. Studio Wit obviously knew that Mikasa was going to be one of the big breakout stars of the show, and had as much of a fondness for her as I do. Building the entire ED around her, and using it to give a giant hint, and a powerful reminder, of why she is so devoted to Eren, gives her the due she rightly deserves.

The music, Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai by Yoko Hikasa, is a perfect theme song for Mikasa, as well. Seemingly gentle, beautiful, and soft, as it reaches the high point, it reveals itself to be powerful. One of the most powerful pieces of music in the show.

All of this was really well thought out from start to finish, and frankly, it’s nice to see a show take the time to give a little extra attention to a character who is, in every way, more or a hero than the hero of the story could ever hope to be.

Sorry, Eren. Ya got guts, and strength of will, kiddo, but Mikasa is the real MVP, every day.


One thought on “Closing Time: Attack On Titan

  1. Well..I totally agree, Mikasa is my favorite character from the series as well, despite Ymir becoming a real close second these days. It’s sad to think thatbtosay marks the day the final episode for this season comes out, abdcwe probably have to wait another decade in order for it to continue (yes I like to exaggerate šŸ˜‚). But luckily there is such a thing as dvd’s and so there always the possiblity to rewatch things. But unless something really drastic happens, Mikasa will remain my favorite from the show as well šŸ˜Š


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