Game Time: Dragon Soul

A few months back I passed the fifteen year mark with my phone and internet provider. To thank me for my long patronage, they gave me a tablet. For free. I still have to pay for the data plan, but hey, free tablet, am I right?

Actually, I have virtually no use for a tablet at all. I have found it kinda, sorta can be helpful when running a D&D game, for quick referencing stuff and so forth, but in general, all I’ve found it useful for is playing games.

Yeah. I know. Greatest advances in technology, and I game with it. At least I’m not using it to look at porn.


Laser hand Elf Vulcan hybrids beat porn for me. Don’t judge.

Anyway, I’ve happened across a few games that I really enjoy a lot. One of them, Dragon Soul, more than the others, even. Which kind of surprised me, as I knew very little about app based gaming, and had long assumed it was largely just freemium trash.

Most of it totally is, by the way. But some of it is actually fun freemium trash, so that’s still way better than what I was expecting.

Dragon Soul is a cute little game from developer Fantasy Legend Studio that basically takes fantasy and makes it into kind of a fighting game. Sort of. The basic gist is that the world is under threat from a terrible dragon that has mind controlled all the great heroes of the land. To save the world, you must free the mind controlled heroes, recruit them to join you, and go defeat the evil dragon.

Then though that plot is, the game itself is actually a fair bit of fun to play, and offers some decent challenges to people, like me, who enjoy team management based games.

Sexy Centaurs are a draw, too.

As you recruit heroes, you have to level them up and get them gear, which is what you’ll be doing most of the time. Gear is found when adventuring, and can be combined to create better gear, so as you hit the middle levels, most of you time is genuinely spent gathering what you need to outfit your heroes and move forward with the main campaign.

Or you can go try to gather soul stones, in order to make your heroes more powerful, by giving them a higher star rating. Either of these things makes them stronger, and lets you do more as the game progresses, so really, you can’t go wrong in which one you pick.

There’s a whole ton of other content, too. The PVP Arena, Boss Fight Pit, various Raids, and other fun stuff to do. Frankly, Fantasy Legend has packed the game with a ton of content, so spending time with Dragon Soul is never a drag, even if you can’t win at all of it right away.

Lots to do, so let’s try to do it all!

The best part of the game is the graphics, though. While they are on the cartooney side, that’s what holds the appeal, at least to me. The characters are colorful, fun, and somewhat twisted, which is something I appreciate in a fantasy game. In case you guys ever missed it, I tend to have a somewhat twisted imagination myself, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise I like other twisted things.

I’m especially fond of Electroyeti, who speaks mostly in comic book expletives. It’s so Beetle Bailey.

Some of you are too young to know what that is. Now I feel old. Thanks, assholes.

Ya know what, just go check Dragon Soul out. It’ll keep you whippersnappers off my lawn.

Damn kids.

Just admire the absurdity of everything happening here.

3 thoughts on “Game Time: Dragon Soul

  1. I found this game to be pretty fun for a while, but the sheer amount of farming required at later stages turned me off to it. The new hero releases are pretty brutal too in terms of getting something you can rank up since getting soul shards for those rarer ones without spending money is a huge pain.

    Also I got tired of my team getting one shotted in PVP by that moon dragon or whatever it was. Can’t remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is most certainly not without some drawbacks, that much I agree with. Still, it’s pretty much my first app based game, and so far, I’m enjoying it a good bit.

      Hopefully, as time goes on, they’ll smooth out some of the wrinkles.

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  2. Seeing as I already have way too little time on my hands, I’m actually glad that this game is not for sale in my app store lol 😂😂
    That said, the game looks fun to play, and I agree that the cartoonish look for it, is what makes it very appealing. Just so you know, I use my IPad for writing on my blog, watching Netflix and YouTube…and play games as well….so I guess I’m not using it for supermodern features either lol 😊


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