Critical Role: Like, Druids, Man.

One of the best things about Critical Role is, without a doubt, the many voices of Matt Mercer, the DM. He isn’t just Levi on Attack On Titan, guys. He’s also a million other people.

Sometimes, he’s a really laid back tree.

In Whitestone, the hometown of Vox Machina’s own Percy, there is a tree, placed there by a God, called the Sun Tree. When Whitestone was taken over by some really evil people, the Sun Tree got pretty neglected, and began to die.

So, when Vox Machina liberated Whitestone, one of Keyleth’s big concerns was getting the Sun Tree back on track. What with being a Druid and all, trees and stuff are a big deal to her.

As the Sun Tree recovered, Marisha Ray made certain to check in on it from time to time, though really, I think it was mostly to hear Matt use the Sun Tree voice. Speak With Plants is a weird spell, guys, and one Matt takes full advantage of.

The video below is one of Keyleth’s conversations with the Sun Tree, and believe me, every single time they talk, it’s no less weird and awkward.

Role playing, guys. It’s the best part of D&D.


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