Critical Role: You May Now Fill Your Pants

One thing you have to learn when playing Dungeons & Dragons is that it’s all fun and games until the entire party dies. Which can happen at a moments notice, usually with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

The best example I’ve ever seen of how quickly a situation can spin out of control was recently on Critical Role. This is probably the most butt puckering moment the crew has ever had.

To set it up, the party has gone into the Nine Hells, the second level to be precise, home to the iron city of Dis, in order to find and destroy an old foe, the Rakshasa Hotis. The back story on that is a bit long, but in a nutshell, Vax and Pike kind of pissed Hotis off, by sending him back to Hell, not once, but twice. The gang decided to be proactive, and go kill Hotis before he could reform and come after them again.

The first big problem is that they are in Hell. It’s not a pleasant place. The second big problem is that Hotis is reforming his physical body deep within an underground prison that is, to be blunt, a total labyrinth. To get in, they had to get themselves arrested, but with the help of a devil, they managed to get in with their gear, and get free.

Which set them running like mad to reach Hotis before the entire prison came down on their heads. Once they finished him off, Keyleth just had to cast the spell Plane Shift, and everybody went home, safe and sound.

Let’s be clear here. Keyleth is the only one with this spell. Which is what makes what happens below such a sphincter clencher.

D&D folks. It’s all fun and games until you are trapped in a prison in hell with no way out, and every devil around wants to kill you.


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