Critical Role: Flashy Flash Cards

A while back, resident lunatic Sam Reigel had his character of Scanlan go into something of a retirement, spending time with his daughter. To the casts surprise, he promptly introduced a new character. Taryon Darington, an Artificer with delusions of grandeur.

Tary, as he permits everyone to call him, is accompanied by his own automaton, a magical construct that writes down all of Tary’s amazing adventures, so Tary can one day get them published. Doty, as the construct is known, has ended up being an incredibly funny character, due to the very literal way he takes everything.

This crashed into one of Tary’s biggest flaws recently. For all that he is really good at sounding brave, Tary is actually a coward, and to cover it up, condescends to people quite often. Including, but not limited to, assigning nicknames to the rest of the Vox Machina, rather than learning their actual names.

During a break from filming on Blindpsot, Ashley Johnson returned for a visit as Pike, the Gnome Cleric we all love, and decided to give Tary a hand by helping him learn the names of his fellow party members. She accomplished this by having Doty do a portrait of them.

Remember, Doty takes everything literally. Too literally. The results were, naturally, hysterical. Because Matt Mercer has no shame, and can’t pass up a good opportunity to have fun.

Crazy stuff like this is why I love D&D so much.


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