Critical Role: Guardians of the Cards

Life is tough when you happen to be an intellectually challenged barbarian. Just ask Grog Strongjaw, Vox Machina’s resident hitter of things.

A bit back, after defeating a dragon, Travis Willingham’s Grog happened to locate a very rare, very dangerous magic item within the beasts horde. Known as the Deck of Many Things, it is easily the most notorious item in all of Dungeons & Dragons. The kind of thing a DM only allows when he is in the mood to do sadistic things to the player characters.

Basically, how the Deck of Many Things works is that when a person pulls a card from it, it causes a thing to happen. Said thing can be just about anything, too. Some of the cards can be really beneficial. Most cause nightmarish consequences to unfold pretty much instantly.

When I say nightmarish, I do mean nightmarish, too.Like, having either your body, or just your soul, yanked off and imprisoned somewhere, guarded by powerful creatures, until the location you are trapped can be found, and you can be freed. Or summoning a grim reaper that actively wants to kill you. That’s if the DM is feeling generous, too.

Basically, it’s the kind of thing that you put in a hole, bury, and try to forget you ever found. While good can come of the cards, it’s basically a gamble, and losing can mean disaster for you, everyone you know, or in some cases, the world as a whole.

Naturally, Grog found them. Vex, played by Travis’ wife Laura Bailey, immediately took them away, too. Grog has not been okay with this, and eventually pesters Vex to give them back.

This goes about how you might expect, too.


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