Critical Role: The Queen of Improv

I’ve said on many occasions, both here and elsewhere, that Laura Bailey is one of my favorite voice actors ever. I’ll watch anything she’s in, without hesitation, simply because I know she will make her performance memorable.

There’s another side to Laura, however. One that you rarely get to see in her voice work. To be blunt about it, she is incredibly funny. I don’t mean that she’s good with a joke, either, but rather, that she just has that natural sense of timing with when to deliver a comment that leaves you laughing so hard you want to cry.

Originally, one of the things that drew me to Critical Role was that she was involved in it, along with her husband, Travis Willingham. As I got more into the show, I began to realize just how many of these people had done work I knew, and for two of them, had known for pretty much my entire life. That said, it was still Laura that made me interested in checking this out.

Following the show has let me see her as not just an incredibly talented and versatile voice actor, but an amazing individual with a sharp, clever mind, and my appreciation for her talent, wit, and skill has only grown as a result. Nothing, and I mean nothing, tops her skill at improv, however.

Granted, Dungeons & Dragons is basically just an improv game to begin with, but Laura can really take it to the next level. One that leaves not just the viewers laughing, but her fellow cast members, and guest star Patrick Rothfuss, acclaimed fantasy author and all around cool cat.

You want to see improv at it’s finest? This is it, kids. The Queen of improv, the one and only, the ever so twisted and wonderful, Laura Bailey.


2 thoughts on “Critical Role: The Queen of Improv

  1. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that at all, and by the looks of it neither was the rest of this crew. I even prepared myself not to laugh as I listened to this while sitting around a bunch of people and still couldn’t hold it.

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    1. That show is full of moments like, too. Still, this one was definitely one of the best, and really shows off just how quick Laura’s mind is.

      If I wasn’t a fan of hers already, I sure as hell would be after that.

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