Striking The Right Note: Sword Art Online

Don’t look at me like that. You all knew, sooner or later, this was gonna show up here.

For all the hit SAO gets, both fair and unfair, one thing A-1 nailed was the original opening  for the Aincrad arc. Literally everything you need to know about this show is right there. Not just the premise upon which the story is built, but the story that is really being told.

Normally, I give a brief rundown of what the show is about, but this is SAO, and we all know what it’s about, so let’s just look at the OP, shall we?

I’ve had a busy week, so pardon me for skipping ground already well trad, even here on this blog.

When it comes to this particular OP, it isn’t really enough to just look at the individual parts, but how they balance against each other. There’s a short story playing out here, and it’s really put together in a very clever fashion, with the imagery being used to tell us a lot about what we’re going to see.

The first set of images is of Kirito, cause he’s Kirito, and the protagonist always gets to go first. In this case, however, it’s of sad Kirito, sitting in the rain, alone and looking lost. This is done for a reason, however, and highlights his own sense of isolation, loneliness, and how he fears making connections.

It’s followed with Asuna, and that purposeful stride of hers. This is also telling, especially with the brief glimpse we see of her wrapped in a blanket, afraid and alone. As well as the image of her looking at her own real world reflection. To be blunt, we are seeing the two sides of Asuna. The fierce warrior with a purpose, and the scared individual who just doesn’t want to die.

Putting these two sets of character scenes back to back does more than just tell us who the main characters are, it tells us who they are as people, and hints towards how much they need each other. We’ll come back to that in a moment, because as I said, this OP is balanced in a pretty clever way.

The brief bit of different characters reaching for the sky lets us know they all came to SAO searching for something, and the scene of the floor giving way, as Kirito flails in fear, lets us know they found something much more sinister. That’s basically the entire plot of the first arc, and the series as a whole more often than not, summed up in two scenes. Love it or hate it, that’s just well done.

We follow this with Kirito battling skeletons, which isn’t the big point. The big point is the shatter effect that is sued when monsters die in SAO. We’re being show that this is a virtual environment they are in.

Then comes the Gleam Eyes scene, and I love the way this is put together. Kirito fighting the Gleam Eyes, giving us the heads up to some big bads in this world. The part that I love, though, is what comes after. Of Asuna, charging into the fight as well.

What I love about this is that balance I was talking about earlier. Kirito and Asuna alone, now followed by Kirito and Asuna teaming up. That’s the real story of SAO, after all, and here, we see it presented. These two, both afraid and alone, coming together to fight by each others side against whatever the world throws at them. It’s just such a telling scene, and I love the way it’s framed.

We get brief intros to the rest of the cast, from Liz to Heathcliff, since they are all people that matter, and we need to know at least their faces. It does more than just that, though. Just in that brief glimpse, we get a sense of their personality from the way the characters are posed. It’s quick and dirty, yeah, but it works well.

The OP turns back to Kirito and Asuna, as Gleam Eyes is destroyed by the two of them together, before jumping into a quick cut of them living their lives together, looking happy. This balances, once again, against the opening scenes of them separate, alone, and afraid. Because this is the real story of SAO.

I’ve said before that SAO is actually a love story dressed up as a trapped in an MMO and death game. This is what I meant. SAO is actually a love story, and the very first OP told us that. Even the lyrics of Crossing Field, the song being played, from Lisa, over the final scenes says “I always want to be with you”. A-1 was making a love story, and apparently, a lot of people missed that, cause SAO is actually a love story.

To drive that home, the final image, of Asuna and Kirito’s swords crossed against each other, near the lake their home in Aicnrad would be. That really says it all, right there.

One more time, SAO is a love story.

Check it out for yourself.




9 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Sword Art Online

  1. Sword Art Online…..Hmmm….is that a new type of game or something? Have never heard of it before. Sorry, it is the weekend, my humor usually is at an alltime low then 😂 I don’t have to get into how much I love Sword Art Online, you already know that. This opening song is truly terrific. I love how it makes a re appearance at the very end of the series. I am so looking forward to the new movie…but that will be a long while before I will be able to see it. Holland is such a stupid country when it comes to Anime, it never gets released in cinema, which is so lame. Thanks for another reminder that SOA is utterly fantastic 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Be a while before I can check it out myself, which kinda sucks. From what I’ve seen of it already, it looks pretty awesome.

      SAO gets a bad rap, as we’ve talked about before. It has a lot of good points, and the very first OP is definitely one of them.

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  2. Sword Art Online gets some really bad write ups online and I’ve even seen a view videos that slate the openings as a result of it, but I’ve always thought the first one gets the story across pretty well. Nice post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank ya. Personlly, I always kind of liked the opening, but it wasn’t until I really started digging in and looking at the shows central themes and character arcs that what the OP was saying hit me fully. After that, I’ve come to admire it more than a little.

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  3. You do this to yourself, you know that? You’re the one with the problem!

    This is a great post, as always, though, and I don’t think many can dispute what you pointed out. I used to not like this opening very much at all, though SAO certainly has worse ones. I felt it unrepresentative of the series, but I was looking at Aincrad more as a self insert fantasy where Kirito does everything.

    When I tried to think more about what the show’s focus was, as you said – a love story, it began to feel a lot more cohesive. It’s definitely cut to show how Kirito and Asuna walked these different paths until they became stronger, and happier, together. It’s a message that I think gets muddled with everything else the series does, but the opening is pretty direct about it.

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    1. I know. I do have a problem. I just can’t leave this damn show alone. I’d get therapy, but that sounds like effort, so I’m just gonna live with it.

      You make a really good point about how the real heart of the show gets muddled by a lot of the other stuff the show does. I really think that had an effort been made to take the concept and flesh it out properly, SAO would be one hell of a different show. No telling if it’d be as popular as it is now, but it would certainly be more like Mother’s Rosario all the way through, I think.

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