Critical Role: A Slight Case Of Nudity

One of the things about Taliesin Jaffe’s character of Percy on Critical Role that everybody loves is how much effort he puts into making a plan, and how well he always handles it when that plan goes out the window five second in.

Really, Percy has the patience of a saint, especially considering that half the time his plans fall to pieces because of his friends.

Over the course of the years Vox Machina has traveled together, they’ve gotten pretty tight, with some being closer than others. Recently, Percy and Vex’Ahlia finally confessed their feelings for each other after dancing around the issue for pretty much ever.

Percy comes from a noble family, and still carries himself as a nobleman, while Vex is more like a barely trained wombat with an eye for shiny things. To call their relationship unusual would be an understatement. Yet, it works, in large part because of those differences.

Below, you’ll see the first time Percy tried to take their relationship to the next level, and how Vex pretty much made a mess of it. Best of all is the sheer joy with which Laura Bailey did it, and Taliesin’s begrudging admiration of it.

Oh, and hey, I went a week without talking about Sam Reigel, but he’s worth watching in this too, cause he’s Sam fucking Reigel.


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