Striking The Right Note: Working!!!

For the better part of my life, I’ve been working in the restaurant business, as everything from a cook to a server. Not out of any great love for it, mind you. I’ve got no real feelings for the whole industry. It’s just easy work to get and keep if you have even half a care for doing so.

That said, it shouldn’t be surprising I was drawn to the three season series Working! Set in a family restaurant, the show revolves around the various people employed there, and I can say without hesitation, I’ve met all of these folks at some point or another.

I’ve reviewed the series before, actually, and my opinion of it hasn’t changed at all. It’s still one of the best workplace comedies I’ve ever seen, chock full of great characters that are very easy to identify with, and care about.

Today, though, I want to pay special attention to the opening credits of this fun little series.

Working! ran for three seasons, and got three different OP’s, but I want to focus on the one from season three, just because it’s my favorite.

The opening song is titled Now! Gamble, and is performed by the lead actresses of the series, already giving it a strong connection to the show. It doubles down on that by being a really happy little ditty that can get in your head and stay there. I catch myself humming it out of nowhere pretty frequently.

The visuals used are the real charm of the OP, however. All the bright colors, flowers, and fun symbols bounding around the screen do a great job of selling this as a light hearted comedy. There’s no real drama anywhere to be found in Working!, and the OP does a perfect job of letting us know that the happy and the silly are where the focus will stay.

Even better, however, is just what an excellent job A-1 Pictures did of capturing every character for this. Even if you’ve never seen the show, you can quickly get a sense for who everyone is, what they are like, and how they relate to one another. For a show that relies on the character arcs as heavily as this does, it’s a great decision to make.

Put it all together, and you get a fun, eye catching, and earworm worthy OP that sells everything about this show with wonderful precision.

If you’ve still never seen Working!, you really are missing out on a great comedy anime.


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