Striking The Right Note: Burst Angel

Normally, this isn’t the type of opening credits sequence I’d talk about. However, I am this time, for two really good reasons.

First, I really like that song. Second, despite the many, MANY, flaws this show has, it contains one of my all time favorite scenes from any anime, ever.

Burst Angel is a 2004 series from Gonzo that follows the adventures of four mercenaries in a near future Tokyo where not just ownership of guns is now legal, but so is pretty much any act of justifiable homicide. Kid stole your purse? No worries, you can shotgun him in the back of the head and nobody will bat an eye.

While the premise is nutsy, to say the least, the show itself is pretty much every bit as crazy, with outlandish action scenes, questionable character development, and a plot that only makes sense after you’ve downed a few dozen beers, and enough weed to drop an elephant. It makes up for this by having four pretty awesome ladies as the mercenary team, and some of the most memorable moments you’ll find in an action anime.

This thing is basically 80’s action flicks on crack.

The song, titled Loosey and performed by The Stripes, is probably the only song that could have possibly been used to capture the sheer insanity of Burst Angel. It fits this show like a glove, and with the song alone, it preps you for what you are about to watch. Which is good, because the imagery used with it is just clips from the show itself. I can only imagine how much better it would have been with an actual opening animation dedicated to the song.

Still, it does give you enough to know what you are stepping into, which is, as I mentioned before, a series that holds the unique distinction of having my favorite action scene of all time. I’d watch this show all over again just for the one scene.

It is of the shows signature mecha surfing a semi, that is on fire, off an overpass, while gatling gunning a bunch of other mecha out of the sky. It is so absurd, you can’t help but love it. It’s everything a good B action flick should be. So improbable it makes you cringe, but so awesome it makes you cheer.

Folks, this is the absurdity that is Burst Angel


5 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Burst Angel

  1. A friend of mine really loves this series in a ‘so bad it’s great’ kind of way, and tried to talk me into watching it, but I found it to be a bit much. I have to agree though that the OP both sounds great and also captures the energy and themes of the show!


    1. Honestly, Burst Angel is not a great show. It has a few really great moments, but overall, it’s deeply flawed, so I totally understand why you couldn’t get through it. I only did because my girlfriend loved how bad it was, so we kept watching it.

      The Op really is kinda perfect, though, isn’t it? The lack of original animation for it kind tells you it isn’t going to have a lot of originality in it. Still sets up perfectly, though.

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    1. It is so absurd and crazy, but yeah. I grew up on 30’s action flicks, so I kinda loved it. My girlfriend loved it more, but even when I was rolling my eyes, it was hard to argue that over the top 80’s quality it has.

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