Critical Role: Scanlan Scores

Hey, I didn’t do a Critical Role post last week, so don’t roll your eyes at me when one shows up this week. I don’t judge your obsessive fandom, so don’t judge mine.

On the other hand, this is in danger of becoming a Sam Riegel fan page, isn’t it?

Ah, well. When you are that talented and funny, it’s okay for people to admire you.

Huh. That didn’t make it sound like less of a Sam Riegel fan page, did it?

Anyway, this weeks clip features the resolution to Scanlan’s long running quest to buy drugs. Why he wants to buy drugs in the first place, I am still not really clear on, but he really wants to. Must be a Gnome thing.

After his failed attempt back in Ankherel, where he ended up with a ton of bar-b-que seasoning, he enlisted the aid of one of Vox Machina’s keep guards, Jeret, to get him a little somethin-somethin. Jeret was less than enthused by this, what with the entire countryside of Taldori being ravaged by dragons and all, but being the good helper he is, did finally manage to track something down for Scanlan.

If you listen closely, you can hear the staff off screen laughing hysterically at how well this ends up going for Scanlan.

Seriously, after this whole dragon business is dealt with, we’re gonna need a very special episode titled “How Scanlan Got his Groove Back”. Dude’s been way off his game every since he accidentally tried to seduce his own daughter.

Oh. Yeah. Scanlan accidentally tried to seduce his own daughter. It’s totally okay though, because she was only there so she could try to kill him.

Dude’s got a complicated life. Maybe that’s why he wants the drugs?

Anyway, Matt Mercer is at his finest here playing Jeret, and Sam is just pure comic gold all the way through.

This is literally why I’m a rabid fan-monkey for this show, right here.


4 thoughts on “Critical Role: Scanlan Scores

  1. This is the first one of these I’ve watched, and I have to say it’s some pretty funny stuff. Jeret was played pretty well, I think. Knowing nothing about him, I can still imagine his discomfort around this Scanlan guy.

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    1. Scanlan tends to make most people uncomfortable. He’s a Bard, so that’s mostly why. It’s also in how Sam plays the character as an egomaniac that frequently is able to back up his absurd claims.

      The whole thing is a crazy mess, really.

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