Striking The Right Note: Ben-To

The first rule of Half-Priced Food Lovers Club is that you don’t talk about Half-Priced Food Lovers Club.


For our first Striking The Right Note of 2017, we’re gonna kick things off with the silly, just because last year sucked so hard. I mean, SO FUCKING HARD! I’m kinda surpried the planet didn’t implode form the amount of suckage.

If you’ve never seen it, Ben-to is about high school students who stage elaborate battles for half priced lunches. Seriously. That’s what it’s about.

Hey, don’t look at me. I didn’t write it. That’s all on author Asaura, the original author of the light novels that were adapted into mangas and animes. Well, mostly it’s on the fans who made the concept a massive hit.

Basically, the story follows a dude named Yo, who starts to pick up a half priced bento at the store, when he’s attacked and gets his ass kicked. Turns out, there’s a fight club over who gets the half priced bentos, and like it or not, he’s in it now.

However absurd and silly the premise might seem, the show itself is even more absurd and silly, with brawlers using special moves and more to win their precious half priced lunches. There’s rules, nicknames, alliances and grudges, and everything else you’d expect from an actual fighting story.

Except the stakes are half priced lunches, which these kids take way seriously.

As for the opening, it does a good job of introducing the concept and characters, as well as the completely outrageous concept at play. Not to mention just how silly the characters themselves are, and the extensive use of fan service that will be present.

The theme song is “Live For Life” by Aimi, and is actually a pretty kick ass piece of music. Everything plays to it nicely, while still selling the concept, characters, and what you can expect from the series as a whole.

No, it isn’t overly artistic, especially compared to a lot of the other OP’s I’ve talked about in the past, but the real purpose of an opening credit sequence is to sell the viewer the show, and on that front, Ben-to does an outstanding job. Everything you need to know about it is basically right there, handed to you in a minute and a half.

Whoever put this one together knew exactly how to sell the concept and everything else, and whether you like the show or not, that’s pretty damn impressive.


6 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Ben-To

  1. Half priced lunch is nothing to sneeze at. I’ve seen fistfights over much less meaningful things.

    Still, that OP was a lot more exciting than I ever expected a story about bentos to be. Kudos to this story for taking such a wacky premise and running with it. I always enjoy seeing commitment like that.

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    1. It does seem to commit rather fully to the lunacy, which I admit, I admire. The difference between a stupid story and a good one really does lie in the commitment the writers have to them.

      I write a lot of stupid stories. I know these things.

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    1. Youtube is so weird sometimes. I mean, c’mon, it’s the internet. Global communication and information sharing. Kinda defeats the point when stuff gets restricted by country.

      I’ll never understand that kind of thinking.

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        1. I’m still trying to. When the internet arrived, I really did think it was going to change things. Somehow, the powers that be found a way to make it part of the status quo.

          And people wonder when I’ve become a cynic.

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