The Play Is The Thing

As I’ve mentioned before, Sam Riegel frequently does the promo work for Critical Role sponsor Loot Crate, and it is just as often hysterical as hell. Nothing captures his willingness to indulge in having fun quiet like this, however.

Okay, so, first off, Sam wrote a play to promo Loot Crate. It’s a terrible play, and he drags the entire cast in on it. The real fun here is watching how fully everyone commits to a role they were handed literally a few seconds ago.

Well, except Taliesin, who can’t stop laughing at how absurd all of this is. Everyone else gets to show off their improv skills. He just sort of lays there and laughs till he cries.

Special mention should really go to Ashley’s cat sound effect.

Welcome to the Dust bowl, everyone.


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