Reading Is Fundamental

One of the things that comes up rather frequently in the adventures of Vox Machina is that Grog, the lovable Goliath barbarian, can’t read. One at lest one occasion, this almost got the entire party killed. On others, it’s been a royal pain in their butts.

The thing is, Grog has an Intelligence of 6, which puts him at a big disadvantage when it comes to learning new skills, like reading. While has a fair amount of common sense, his lack of intelligence is more or less one of the characters defining traits, and unlikely to change, no matter how much it would benefit the party.

Mostly because Travis Willingham plays to it with such exuberance. He has said in the past that Grog is basically all impulse. Just whatever pops in his head as good idea in the moment is what he goes with. From a role playing perspective, this can be a lot of fun. I know I’ve played a Barbarian before who had a staggeringly low Intelligence core, and it was pretty liberating not to have to do all the thinking. Just hitting the bad things really ahrd is pretty entertaining in its own right.

Recently, however, Grog decided he wanted to take a stab at getting some education, so naturally he turned to his long time friend, Pike, the Gnome Cleric of the group. Never one to back down from helping her best friend, Pike gives it her all, but some things just aren’t meant to be.

The real joy of this comes in knowing Travis Willingham’s career. This is Roy Mustang we’re talking about. The willingness to just throw himself into the moment and go with the scene has to make him one of the great under rated actors of all time.


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