Hard Trolling

One of the most important lessons you ever learn from playing D&D is that nothing ever goes as planned. No matter how much effort you put into it, every plan is really just a Rube Goldbergesque series of malfunctions waiting to happen. As it is in D&D, so to it is in life. Or something. There’s probably a better lesson here, but I’m not clear on it.

I’ve always been a poor student.

Also a poor student, Keyleath, who decides to use her Conjure Woodland Creatures spell for the first time to hilarious effect as Matt actively discourages her from ever using that spell again.

Poor Dryads.

Of course, the real winner of this clip is, as always, Sam Riegal, who does what Scanlan does best. Be hysterically cool.

This page may be in danger of becoming a Sam Riegal fan page. Dammit, man! Stop being amazing for one episode!

Below is a wonderful clip from Critical Role that demonstrates why knowing your spells purpose matters, placement on the map is key, and why the bard is always going to get the most awesome moments.



10 thoughts on “Hard Trolling

  1. Nice, really taking me back to those good old D&D days of old. I have just obtained a new card game which is kind of a combination between a cardgame abd an RPG. The rules are pretty complex, so I am going to test run it somewhere on sunday, but it looks pretty awesome so far. Will probably do a review some time in the future. The game is called: Arkham Horror:the cardgame πŸ˜€

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    1. Do please review that. I’m familiar with the Arkham Horror game, but I’ve not heard much about the card game just yet.

      Card games are fun. My girlfriend and I use to play Yu Gi Oh and Magic The Gathering a lot. Back when we had free time.

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      1. Haha, yeah free time, what is that like again lol πŸ˜‚ I will be doing a review for it, but as I said the game is pretty complex (50 pages of rules I kid you not), so it will take me a whole to get up to speed with it so to speak. The first review that will be coming up is the Attack on Titan deckbuilding game (probably will post that somewhere on saturday or sunday ) Which pretty much combines two of my favorite past times: anime and boardgames πŸ˜€ Ain’t life great at times? πŸ˜‚

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          1. True, but that is why I like the current trend in cardgames: deckbuilders. They are games that have a fixed number if cards per set (so no collecting), but still let you experience all the fun of the old collectible cardgames. Sure, there are ofcourse expansions you can buy dor these games, but they are also fixed decks. Ofcourse if you are someone who wants to own every single expansion, it can still get pricey (lol), but otherwise it is a great alternative to the old ccg’s πŸ˜€

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            1. That’s definitely more up my financial alley. While I really enjoyed ccg’s, and even dust off my Yu Gi Oh deck now and then, the cost was more than I could keep up with.

              Magic was even worse. Way to hard to and expensive to stay apace of on limited finances. I enjoyed both, but never could afford to really get into them.

              Deckbuilding games are much more my style. May get back into them sometimes soon, if time allows.

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            2. Magic was fun until the appearance of mr Suitcase. That kind of ruined the (otherwise fantastic) game. Deckbuilders these days come in a lot of variety. Legendary Marvel for instance is great fun, but you always have Legendary sets based on Aliens, Predator and even Firefly. Ascension (the fantasy version) is also a highly enjoyable game. And now we have Attack on Titan: very cool indeed πŸ˜€

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            3. Haha, well you want to hear a funny story? It’s actually the best set of Legendary to date. So you pretty much are in for a treat on that one. Fun thing is that you basically go through every episode of the tv series which is awesome..or no let me rephrase that: Shiny ! πŸ˜€

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            4. Yup. That just made my must buy list. I’ve already had to pass on a few Firefly themed games and such due to being broke all the time, but this I must have, especially after reading your review of the AoT deckbuilding game.

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