Sam Reigal, Rap Star

For the last several months, geek merchandise masters Loot Crate have been a major sponsor of Critical Role, and somehow, possibly through an ancient Mayan curse, Sam Reigal has become the unofficial spokesman for that sponsorship.

To say that Sam has a lot of fun with how he goes about doing this is like saying the sun is hot. He is a very creative dude, after all, and he gets pretty damn creative about he introduces Loot Crate and their various offerings.

So creative, in fact, that Loot Crate themselves recently trolled him with the info notes about their upcoming offerings. Now, I admit to being a somewhat cynical person, in much the same way the sun is kinda bright, but damn it, when a company actively trolls their own spokesperson, for fun, in response to all the fun he’s been having, that actually does make me smile. It also makes me more likely to give them my money.

Though, to be fair, I wanted to sign up for Loot Crate right after Sam did…. whatever it is he’s doing here. Just watch, and be like Taliesin. Horrified, amused beyond words, and amazed.


2 thoughts on “Sam Reigal, Rap Star

  1. Okay I came home a bit late yesterday so have missed some posts (trying my best to catch up), but this was a great way to start this morning. Had to laugh all the way, pretty much of the enthusiasm with which this was brought, and the way everybody had a very infectious laugh. Always good to laugh, this early in the morning (or pretty much at any time of day 😂)

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