Creepy DM Is Creepy

Most of the NPC’s that Matt Mercer, professional Dungeon Master cooks up, are interesting in a wide variety of ways. Basically, he really good at sorting out complex characters, and conveying those complexities with little more than voice acting and body language. His skill in this regard is certainly admirable.

Now and then, though, he whips one out of thin air that is just all kinds of crazy fun. For instance, Victor the black power merchant, an NPC he ended up having to make up on the spot. Victor has become a fan favorite, just because of how crazy and fun he is, and the rather sad, yet hysterical arc his character has taken.

Clarota, the Mind Flayer, was another. Intended as an encounter, Vox Machina naturally took an unexpected route, and turned him into a temporary allie, forcing Matt to weave character into Clarota on the spot. The result is something that Critters still love, though Clarota is long gone from their adventures.

Now, he’s gone and done it again.

While visiting the City of Brass in the elemental plane of Fire, in what I can only call a really ill advised trip, Vox Machina nearl got themselves enslaved. They were rescued by what may possibly be a new allie, the Genasi, Cenokir. It’s in the way Matt portrays the character, however, that has made Cenokir an instant fan favorite.

Watch below to see a true master of not just off the cuff DMing, but a highly underappreciated actor, create a memorable character by pulling it straight out of his ass.


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