Why Trump Is President

I despise politics. Talking about it leaves an unsavory taste in my mouth. There’s just something so dirty about it all.

Nor am I the only one who thinks so. Politics, as they say, comes from the words poly, meaning many, and tics, which are parasites. “Drain The Swamp” resonated for a reason, ya know.

Here’s the thing though. As much as I hate politics, and talking about it, I hate misinformation even more. I despise hypocrisy even more than that. So, now that Trump has become our next President, I’m seeing a lot of both, leaving me no choice but to address a lot of fallacies, lay out some truths, and offer some advice for everyone to ignore.

Why me, you ask? All I do is talk about anime, D&D, and share weird short stories. What makes me such an expert?

This isn’t about being an expert. This is about being an observer, and being separated from the rhetoric. It’s about having a clearer eye than most. I lean strongly towards the Libertarian viewpoint of being socially liberal, but fiscally conservative.

Basically, I think people should be able to get married to whoever they want, provided the other person is an adult and capable of giving consent. No goats, couches, cars, or children, because duh. I think race, gender and religion should not play a part in deciding if people are fit for a job, what they get paid, or really, anything else. Everyone is human, and human rights are not hard to adhere to.

I also think that our government is a lot too easy going with our money. I disagree on where the waste is, mind you. I think subsidies to big oil, and other multi-billion dollar industries is a waste of taxpayer money, and any more, Congressional paychecks are too. Most of these people are already millionaires. I don’t see why we’re subsidizing them. If anything, Congressional pay raises should be a ballot item, as should be pay cuts. It isn’t the social safety net that’s bankrupting America. It’s out politicians.

I also support Congressional term limits, but I’d think four terms is a good number. Maybe eight for the House. Even higher, up to 8 and 16 is okay as well. Just not endless, since this ends up being a leading cause of corruption.

That’s just me, though, and this isn’t about me.

It’s also not going to be about how Hillary Clinton is a soul devouring hellbeast from a place beyond the stars that has come to dine on the dreams of our children. All her scandals are mostly made up, and what little fact there was to them was more bad timing and bad optics than any actual criminal action.

So, no, Hillary Clinton is not Hitler. I’ve not even seen any substantial evidence to suggest she’s a criminal. I’ve seen enough innuendo, conspiracy theories, flat out lies, and half truths to last me a life time. I bear in mind that pretty much all of that, however, came from the same people who brought us Birtherism, and ignore it.

As much as Hillary Clinton is not Hitler, neither is Trump. For every racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic and just plain mean thing you can point to him saying or doing, others can point to him doing things exactly the opposite. For real. I’ve seen ample evidence he is a horrible person and a criminal. I’ve also ample evidence he’s a good person who actively works to promote better lives for women, LGBTQ communities, immigrants, and Muslims.

So, which is the real Donald Trump? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. It had little to do with him getting elected.

Yes, the worst elements of our society supported him. The Klan, the American Nazi Party, and all the rest of the people that Clinton rightly called deplorables. Because they are. They are also a very small minority of Americans, and voters for Trump. While they have been emboldened by his election, they did not get him elected, no more than he got elected for espousing their ideals.

Look, by a nearly two to one margin, Americans support all the socially progressive ideas. So let’s stop with this argument that America is so horribly racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic. We are, yes, but not overwhelmingly. We are overwhelmingly tolerant and accepting.

So, if that’s the case, how did Trump win? If we are really a society that is socially progressive, how could someone who says and promises the things he has win?

It’s way simpler than you think.

One of the big things Trump focused on was the job market. There are jobs, sure, but they are shit jobs. Minimum wage jobs. Jobs with no future, no chance for advancement, not the kind of thing you can build a career on, or raise a family on. This message resonated most loudly in the Mid-West, where all the good factory jobs are gone.

Trump promised to do something about that. Thus, he won.

You see, guys, when you are drowning, and a lifeboat comes along, you tolerate it being filled with shit. You climb in, roll over in the shit, and let it sink into your pores, because at least you aren’t drowning anymore.

And yes, if you have to push somebody else under to get in that shit filled lifeboat, you do it.

People want to be able to build strong middle class lives again. To raise their kids in a house they are buying, pay their bills on time, put money back for retirement and their kids college funds, and just be financially secure. That is what most Americans care about the strongest, across any demographic you can name.

They don’t want to take away anyone else’s ability to do the same, either. Most Americans don’t care who you sleep with, who you pray to, where you come from, what color your skin is, or any of that other stuff. It’s all fine, as long you aren’t going to knock that security out from under them.

That security has been out from under them for a while now. So, here came a lifeboat, full of shit, that had Financial Security Island written in big gold letters on the side. Bet your ass they got in. An social back-steps we take, pretty much every one of them silently promised themselves we’d reverse later, when we were financially secure again.

Like it or not, when the bottom falls out, it really is every person for themselves.

Trump promised to bring back the kinds of jobs that give those kinds of financially secure lives. That was all there was to it. That’s what really won him the White House.

Now, Democrats are going to spend the next few years dithering over who’s fault it was they lost when they should of won, and the short answer is, their own. They didn’t counter that shit filled life boat with a less shit filled one of their own. They didn’t offer a boat at all. So, they lost. That’s really all there is to it.

See, it wasn’t because Clinton was unpopular. She won the popular vote. It wasn’t because she was a weak candidate. She has a well established track record in public service. It wasn’t the email scandals, or the Clinton Foundation scandal, or any scandal that cost her the White House. It wasn’t the innuendo, conspiracy theories, or even the FBI investigations. It wasn’t rampant racism or misogyny, or white power, or white rage. It wasn’t even the media, All those things played a hand, yes, but not enough of one to cost her the election. Not by a long ways.

She didn’t have a life boat, filled with less shit. That’s all it was. Just even a little less shit in the boat, and she’d have won, probably by the big margins pollsters suggested.

At the end of the day, as voters stood in line, it was that lack of a lifeboat, three quarters full of shit though it might have been, that made the decision for them They got in the one completely full of shit, because it was the only one there.

That is reality, as brutally as I can put it.

Shoulda had a boat full of shit, Madam Secretary. Please do pass that along to whatever is left of the DNC after they get done cannibalizing each other.

Now, there’s one last thing I want to touch on before I turn to some advice for both major parties. Donald Trump’s shit filled boat has a ton of holes in it and will sink long before it reaches Financial Security Island. If you think otherwise, you have not been paying attention to reality.

He can not bring back the good manufacturing jobs. Automation alone would mean that there aren’t enough jobs for the people that need them. Taxes have nothing to do with that. Automation killed the manufacturing industry, not NAFTA or TPP. Automation.

So, no, even if manufacturing came back to the States, it wouldn’t give those jobs people want and need. So, his promise, it’s one he can’t fulfill. When he fails to, by the way, all that anger from the population is going to be aimed right at him.

There’s no wall coming, either, or deportation force, or Muslim ban. Even if he puts the most alt right conservative he can find on the Supreme Court, the make up is still the same as it was when Scalia was alive, and those things would get shot down as unconstitutional, just like they did when Scalia was alive. Same will go for abortion, LGBTQ rights, and a ton of other social regressive issues conservatives hope to get made into law. Progress happened with Scalia alive, so it will happen with an UberScalia on the court, too.

Basically, the best thing Trump can hope for right now is that his infrastructure package goes through, and he manages to gain some good will based on that. Literally nothing else he promised is actually possible. I wouldn’t count on Congressional Republicans passing the infrastructure deal, either. So, not much is actually going to happen, or change. Except Trump and Congress are going to spend the next four years pissing off middle America to the point they will be very sorry.

We giveth in our fear and anger, and we taketh away in our fear and anger. Best remember that.

So, here’s my advice to the Republican party. Be careful what you do. America is, by a wide margin, socially progressive, and will not be forgiving if you spend the next four years trying to take us back to the 50’s, while doing nothing about the job market. It’s time to abandon that social ideology, and the idea that tax breaks will fix everything. It’s time to abandon this inane support of oil subsidies, as well, because that is the most wasteful spending Washington does, aside from your paychecks.

Legislators who refuse to legislate shouldn’t get paid. That’s something America agrees on as well. So, you’ve been given four years to make good with the voters. If you don’t, if you waste this time on trying to turn the whole country into an episode of Leave It To Beaver socially, while doing nothing about the crushing despair of the middle class, you will burn.

This is, as they say, your final warning.

Democrats have another matter to attend, and they only have four years to get it done, so I suggest they get over the finger pointing and blame, and get the hell to it. America didn’t reject you, guys. They just got tired of you not bringing a boat while they drown. They got tired of snotty lectures on how social issues were so much more important than their kids being hungry.

You could have done both, ya know.

All Democrats have to do now is build a comprehensive idea towards rebuilding a career focused job market accessible to people with a high school diploma. Then sell the hell out of it. All the social stuff, you can do that after you are in charge, which you will be if you let the middle class know you will actually be there for them this time. Stop waving it off until later. Black people are middle class, too. As are LGBTQ people. And Latinos. And Muslims. And everyone the hell else in America.

You want to know why you couldn’t get a higher voter turnout? This is why! You brought water wings to a boat party, dammit!

Look. It’s simple. We don’t even need it to be manufacturing jobs, just some kind of jobs plan that spells out how it is going to rebuild the middle class, and give them financial security. This country turns on that issue above all others. Give people that, and you will win.

If you do, and you win, the story will be “America Rejects Racism!”, and America will shrug and go on with their lives, because going on with their lives is all they really want to do.

Trump won because he said he’d give them that, and you didn’t. So, if he screws the pooch on this, you best be damn ready to pick that fumble up and run it home. If you aren’t, then you will get kicked in the election after, once again.

America is a moody ass thing, people. If one party scorns us, we date the other for a while. The moment we feel scorned by them, they are out and the other party is our lover once more. We’ll keep this dance up, too, until one of you dipshit parties figures out that when we whisper “jobs” in your ear, in that sweet sexy way we can, we actually means jobs, assholes! Jobs isn’t pillow talk for white power, ya gaggle of ball fondling shitweasels!

To the rest of the world watching in horror as we put a reality star in the White House, don’t worry. We’re America. We got this under control, even when it don’t look like it. We survived Bush and Cheney, so we have experience in dealing with narcissistic morons and their Sith Masters. If he screws up, we’ll just impeach him, and make it clear what we expect.

Oh, wait…

Trump’s replacement is Mike Pence, a guy who demanded women hold funerals for their miscarriages, thinks electroshock therapy cures homosexuality, and denies the Holocaust ever happened. This jackass is a small mustache away from being actual Hitler!

Which means, Trump has insurance against being impeached. Holy shit! He had that ace up his sleeve from the start.

Well played, Mr. Trump. Well played, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Why Trump Is President

  1. I don’t think I can add much here as you explained the basic problem very well. Nor will I weigh in on how much I think the socially backwards element of this country played in the election. As you said, that’s not the real reason Trump was elected.

    It’s not the prospect of a Trump presidency which keeps me up at night. It’s the marked increase in intolerance and harassment that is seen as justifiable now in some twisted way that is my problem. If Trump can give people the financial security needed to get off that slippery slope, then that’s fantastic. If not, there are indeed dark times ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right there with you. I’ll be the first one to applaud him if he can actually rebuild a decent jobs market for the middle class. That would be amazing, wonderful, and deserving of praise.

      I don’t think he can do it, but I’ve been wrong before, as we both know.

      The violence is a much bigger concern for me. Intentionally or not, he has legitimized it, and I very much fear it will get worse before it gets better. While I admit I’m not the kind of person to frequently use terms like diversity, I do believe in it. It is necessary, and critical, that we, that America, embrace everyone.

      I don’t know. I don’t know how to address it, how to fix it, or even what to do.

      Liked by 2 people

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