It comes as no surprise to anyone that I’m a Critter, or fan of Critical Role. It has swiftly become the only thing I will watch as it airs. Even my other favorite shows can be watched later, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, but Critical Role, that’s must see streaming.

Honestly, if I had to wait until Monday for the Thursday episode to post on Youtube, I might go insane wondering what Scanlan did that I missed.

I’ve said before that one of the best things about Critical Role is the fan community that has grown up around it. The Critters are a shining example of the best kind of fandom, and constantly inspire me with their kindness, warmth, and generosity.

Many of them, as I’ve pointed out in the past, are incredibly talented as well. From artwork, to music, to fan fiction, and more, the Critter community has some of the most creative people I’ve ever seen. If I could, I’d be right in there with them, writing fan fic, but sadly, my time is spent on my original work.

My publisher prefers it that way, obviously.

Still, every chance I get, I share the creative efforts of others in the community. As much as this weekly feature is dedicated to Critical Role, it is also dedicated to the Critters. They are truly a gift to this world.

This week, I wanted to share a short animation piece done by Youtuber SketchRisk, who put into motion the moment Vex realized Percy had given her a for real title. It isn’t just the moment that shines here, but the artwork as well, which captures the spirit of the characters perfectly.

Yo, SketchRisk, you ever decide to do an anime of Critical Role, count on me to be a loyal viewer. You nailed these guys, and brought their souls to the forefront beautifully.

Check it out, then head over to his channel and give him some likes. He is truly doing good work.


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