Ship It

As with about 80% of all hilarious things that happen in Critical Role, this one starts with Sam having a bright idea.

I am in constant awe of that man’s ability to concoct the absurd.

After a trip to the Feywild, an separate plane of existence where nature runs unchecked, Percy lost all memories of visiting the realm. Which was a massive disappointment to him, as it was a place he had long wanted to see. Naturally, it is Scanlan who decides to help him remember his trip by way of the Modify Memory spell.

Fellow Critters will know this as the spell Scanlan tried to cast on Kima, which nearly cost him his head. Do not mess with a Halfling, friends. If my own Halfling monk, Petalwynd didn’t make that clear, Kima most certainly has.

Anyway, basically what the spell does is allow the caster to craft ten minutes worth of memories that overwrite the targets own. It pretty much allows for making people remember whatever you want them to.

Naturally, a new ship was born, because Sam and Taliesin are goofy. Never gonna hear the phrase “look into my eyes” the same way again.


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