Striking The Right Note: Soul Eater

If you’ve never seen Soul Eater, raise your hand.

Oh, you poor unfortunate souls. No, no, put your hands down. I feel bad enough for you as it is.

Are you still reading this? Stop, and go watch Soul Eater.

Fine, okay, I’ll do my usual shtick. After that, though, you better go watch Soul Eater. I won’t be mad if you don’t. Just disappointed.

Soul Eater is a 2008 series from legendary studio Bones, revolving around a group of students at a school run by the Grim Reaper. These students train to be Meisters and Weapons, in order to protect the world from evil. That is as brief as I can get it, and frankly, if that doesn’t sell you on this show, you should really take a long look at your priorities. They are way off.

Especially if you’re hanging around this blog.

Soul Eater has a lot of things worth taking note of, from the incredibly stylized animation that is integral to the story telling as the plot, to remarkably memorable characters featuring some of the most inventive designs in anime history. It’s action packed, funny, dramatic, and at times, frightening, blurring the lines of conventional genre to the point it’s impossible to pin the series into any category save one: Soul Eater.

Yes, I mean it’s almost a genre unto itself. It’s just that damn good.

With villains that range from the despicable to the sympathetic, and heroes that run the gamut from selfish to egotistical, Soul Eater is something pretty much unique unto itself. Even when a show has that much going for it, though, that doesn’t always mean it’ll be a success. Which makes getting off onto the right foot that much more important.

Good thing Bones knows their business.

The opening credits, set to T.M. Revolution’s “Resonance” is the perfect stage setter for Soul Eater. The music and lyrics are fast, choppy, hard, and do as much to set up the world you are about to enter as anything else in this show. Coupled with the vibrant, fluid imagery used, showcasing the various heroes and villains of the series, in both moments of action and calm, this is one opening that demands you watch what comes after.

Check it out, and then go get that more, cause really, you ain’t seen shit, until you’ve seen Soul Eater.


3 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Soul Eater

    1. No doubt, Papermoon is a much stronger piece of music, and a superior opening. It’s on several of my playlists for when I’m writing. The strength of Resonance, beyond just being a kick ass song, is how they crafted the opening sequence to compliment it, and introduce people to the world setting of Soul Eater. Pretty much everything you need to know about the series is right there. With Papermoon, they got to build on that, and make it much more emotional.

      There were definitely some people bringing their A game to that show.

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