Striking The Right Note: Space Dandy

Alright, I’m gonna level with you guys here. A lot of this, you’re just gonna have to roll with me on. We’re gonna talk a bit about Space Dandy, and you all know what that means. Things are about to get kinda weird.

For those who have never seen Space Dandy, it’s sort of an anthology series, but not really. Each episode is written and directed by different people, but uses the same characters, so there’s not really any actual continuity. It’s just a whole lot of weirdness.

The series loosely revolves around a guy named Dandy, who’s a dandy guy, in space. Yeah, it’s that kind of show. Dandy travels the universe, and sometimes other universes, searching for undiscovered alien life forms, so he can get paid. He pretty well sucks at this job, but it doesn’t seem like he’d be any better at anything else. He’s accompanied by Meow, a cat like alien, and QT, a robot with a major cleanliness issue. Every episode just has them getting into and out of bizarre adventures without any kind of rhyme or reason, all while being pursued by a super intelligent, and fabulously dressed, gorilla that uses the head off the Statue of Liberty as a spaceship.

There are too many pop culture references in Space Dandy to ever even try to mention them, and the series is mostly a comedy, though there are a few episodes that are pretty deep, and damn good. Others are just hysterically funny. All of them feature amazing animation, with one of my favorite scenes being the long one of Dandy surfing an exploding planet.

Yes. He surfs an exploding planet. It’s a very strange show.

Setting the tone is the opening credit sequence, which uses the song, “Viva Namida” performed by Yasuyuki Okamura. The visuals tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this show before stepping into it, but probably the thing it does most right is to make us want to watch Space Dandy. The song is catchy, and the imagery cute and funny enough to encourage giving it a try.

Truthfully, though, Space Dandy is just a great show, and I wanted to include it, because I love the opening credits sequence. It’s one of those rare ones that really does make you want to watch, for the retro feel it evokes with such incredible ease.


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