Blame It On Shiraz

One of the great joys of watching Critical Role is Marisha Ray, who plays the Druid, Keyleth. Where Marisha is an accomplished actor, writer, director and producer, Keyleth is… well, still trying to figure out who she is. Marisha’s dedication to role playing Keyleth that way is just plain admirable.

Every now and then, though, the line between character and player can blur just a bit. In this weeks clip, the fine folks at Critical Scope cut together a hilarious video that captures the moment Marisha and Keyleth had something in common. A love of Shiraz.

In the first half of the clip, Keyleth is talking to the other party members via their enchanted earrings, after she was thrown out of a casino for trying to talk to the lizards being used in a race. In the second half, we see that Marisha sometimes is a lot like Keyleth.

Don’t worry, Marisha, we love you, just the way you are, and we love Keyleth just the way she is, too. Embrace the Shiraz, and let it embrace you in return.

Be sure to check out Critical Scope for tons of interviews, convention panels, and other wonderfully made videos related to Critical Role.


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