The Dungeons & Dragons Legacy

Way back when I was ten years old, give or take, my step mother handed me a red box filled with adventure. To say it changed my life is an understatement.

Now, I was the typical shy kid with low self esteem. socially awkward, with an overactive imagination, same as you’ll hear from many geeks now in their late thirties to early forties. D&D became my gateway to normal social interaction, because it allowed me to be around in people in a way that made me comfortable. We were all speaking the same language, you might say. One made up of d20 rolls.

The game also constantly stoked my imagination, challenging me to dream of bigger and more vast worlds, more daring adventures, and more complex social interactions. I learned the value of an entire session doing nothing but talking, as the characters interacted with NPC’s and each other. That not everything had to be high adventure, and sometimes, the best stories are the personal ones.

To this day, D&D holds a very special place in my life that no other game, even Pathfinder, can really fully replace. It is still my comfort zone, and the worlds I create with the people I play with are home to me.

Recently, I happened across a Youtube channel, run by a fellow who goes by Captain Corajus, that is heavily dedicated to not just talking about role playing games, but about the history behind them. Since my introduction to D&D was the red box Basic Set, it was some time before I learned there even was an AD&D, much less that they were too very different games.

On his channel, Captain Corajus talks about the various editions of D&D, and what made the boxed sets different from the hardbound AD&D books, which is a very much a trip down memory lane for me, chock full of nostalgia. HE tackles other RPG’s as well, including Pathfinder and many others that came about both as a result of the popularity of D&D, and the the arrival of the Wizards of the Coast delivered Third Edition.

Basically, his channel is a great place to learn, or remember, the vast history of the game that sparked an industry, and remember all the great times had with friends, rolling dice. I can’t recommend his channel enough if you love D&D, RPG’s in general, or are just interested in the history of the industry.

Below, he talks about the development of the boxed Basic Edition of the game, why it existed, how it influenced the game overall, and the industry as a whole. It’s great stuff.


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