When Things Go Wrong… Panic!

Sometimes, when you play D&D, a single bad die roll can set off a chain reaction leading to increasingly terrible things. It doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but boy, when it does, you know from the sense of panic that quickly takes hold around the table.

Here’s a funny thing about panic. It makes people make terrible decisions. Even when it’s just a game, once that sense of panic takes hold, lots of bad choices quickly follow. The worst part of it is that they all seem like really good ideas at the time. It’s only after the decisions is made that you realize, you might should have done something different.

To see this perfect storm of unlucky die rolls and panic driven decisions in action, look no further than our own beloved Vox Machina, as their escape from a cavern housing a Duergar town goes horribly wrong.

How they escaped with their lives is something that will forever amaze me after this.


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