Roll To Roll Your Eyes

If you’ve ever played a table top, pencil and paper role playing game, like for instance, Dungeons & Dragons, which I’m just throwing out there as a totally random, off the top of my head, for instance suggestion, then you’ve probably met a few people you’d rather have gone the rest of your life not knowing.

I can think of two, myself, that I severely regret ever playing any RPG with. One who would actually shout random things if he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention, such as “ASSBURGER!”, after which he’d claim his character had suddenly developed Touretts. Or just start talking over everyone and explaining how he was eating a rice dinner with a hooker he picked up. Yes, both of those actually happened. As did a weird insistence on playing Sabertooth from the X-Men comics in a game of Hunter: The Reckoning, complete with the mutant powers.

The other guy was a jerk in more direct ways, such as suddenly stabbing his own party members, stealing from them, or starting fights with city guards on the grounds he was bored and wanted to liven things up. After a few times of this kind of behavior, neither were invited back to play anymore, which started all kinds of other drama.

Basically, it’s best to know who you are playing with before starting up a game. If you jump in with a group, say at a local hobby store or comic shop, then do please, try not to be that kind of person, and pay attention to who plays well with others for future gaming sessions.

The folks over at Saving Throw have made a handy video that will help you identify the kinds of people you probably don’t really want to play with. In addition to this, they have over three hundred other videos on their Youtube page, many of which give an inside look at how various different RPG’s are played.

Basically, besides being really funny, they can help you decide if you want to tackle many different types of RPG’s by letting you actually see how they are played. So head over there and check them out, or hang around and watch the video below, then go check them out.

Yes, that’s the kind of Dungeon Master I am. Whatever you wanna do, I’ll let ya do.


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