Story Time With Cain

Last week, I mentioned that I was thinking of sharing some of writing here on the blog, if for no other reason than because I could. This week, I’m actually going to do it.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be a story a day for the rest of the week, not counting Saturday and Sunday, since I don’t really ever do anything on those days anyway. Even blogs need a day off, ya know.

Rather than just drop them, I wanted to say a couple of things. The first being that I’m not ever going to be in any danger of being considered a great writer. I’m good, but I’m not great. Which is fine with me. I’ve no taste for greatness, so I’ve never pursued it. All I’ve ever sought was to be a good storyteller. At this point in my life, I may even have gotten to that point. It isn’t really for me to decide, however.

The second thing I wanted to say was that none of the stories I’m going to share are fully edited. They’ve had some editing done, and are in pretty decent shape, but there are likely a couple typos still wandering about. This happens when you self edit, as does not always noticing when something should be changed. Curse of the writer, I guess you could say. Point is, they are in a good place, but aren’t ever going to be in any danger of winning any awards.

Also, I’m not overly sure how the formatting for WordPress is going to translate. Guess I’ll figure that out when I put the first one up. I’ve not tried anything like this before, so it’ll be an educational experience at the very least.

Finally, I wanted to say, once again, that for me, writing is something that is fun. I have a lot of weird ideas, and most of the time, I just try to enjoy working on them. Not everything I do is meant to be taken seriously, and of the things I’m going to be sharing this week, all but one have a sense of humor to them. They are meant to be be funny, light hearted, or just plain silly.

I do a lot of that. There’s nothing wrong with tackling the concepts of fantasy with a sense of humor, after all. So, don’t really go into most of these expecting dark, gritty, or serious material. Except for the first one, they won’t have it.

All that said, here’s a quick look at what’s to come this week.

Tomorrow will be a short story titled Sera: The Forgiven. It’s set in the same world as my War Witch novel, Rise, a link to which can be found to the right. It takes place in the distant past of that setting, however, and by the time Ramora and Chara set out on their adventure, would be considered a myth or a legend. It did happen, however, and this is the story of the first Demon Seed to ever try and break free of the Demon Gods.

Wednesday will be the very first short story I ever wrote about the mercenary Bill Wick and his Elven Druid girlfriend, the more than a little mad Kris. There’s a series of those shorts, all with a continuity to them that follows Bill and Kris as they get into and out of all kinds of crazy adventures. If there is any greater purpose to them, then it would be to take a character who is physically off putting, and make him lovable, which is pretty much my whole goal with Bill. He’s not a good looking guy, but he is a hero. Kris is just funny.

Thursday will feature the first of another series of shorts called The Chronicles of Petalwynd. They revolve around a Halfling monk who befriends a down on his luck blacksmith, and sets the stage for a journey they takes that changes both their lives. Again, there are several of those, but I’m just sharing how Henry and Petalwynd met, sort of their origin story, I guess, as there’s a sweetness to it that has always made me feel incredibly fortunate to have crafted two such fine characters. Also, it kind of fills my Pike fix while Ashley Johnson is away from Critical Role. Though Petalwynd was created long before Critical Role, I’ve always found the similarities of the two curious.

Finally, on Friday, will be the first chapter of Warsong, an anime inspired story about a demon and a Demon Slayer that end up teaming up. It draws some inspiration from shows such as Inuyasha, El Cazador de la Brujah, and Sailor Moon. Everything in it is meant to be seen as if it were an anime, and I drew heavily on Japanese mythology for a lot of the backdrop and world setting, which is only faintly Japan in any sense. I’ve seen The Devil Is A Part Timer, though, so I don’t feel bad about that. At it’s heart, it is my love letter to anime, and something that, despite the flaws I’m sure it has, I am happy to be working on.

So, there it is, my plan for showing you guys my range of style as a writer. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you won’t even read it. Who knows? Point is, it was something I wanted to do, and whatever the outcome, I feel good about having done it.

Though, yeah, I kinda admit, I hope you enjoy them. Writers are like puppies, for real.


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