Give The Man A Hand

In case you were wondering what happened with victor and the hand Percy offered to make him, there actually was some follow up to that. Percy may be a lot of terrible things, but he always keeps his promises.

One of these days, Scanlan has a surprise coming his way for having destroyed Percy’s gun. Sure, it was a demon possessed gun, but still, the way Scanlan did it was pretty harsh.

That aside, Percy does keep his word and delivers Victor a new hand, resulting in one of the best PC/NPC conversations I think I’ve ever seen happen in a D&D game. Which, includes, by the way, some of the conversations my own arrogantly naive Tiefling Paladin, Lord Rift, had with… anyone.

I’ll tell you guys about him some time. Those are some funny damn stories.

Anyway, here’s more of Matthew mercer as the black powder merchant, Victor.


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