Closing Time: Inuyasha

Some of the best closing credits sequences in anime belong to Inuyasha. Much more than their opening sequences, which as I recall, they didn’t even always use, sometimes just jumping right into the show.

Of course, I’m in the U.S., so that might have been the network I was watching it on that did that. I’m not really sure.

Point is, the closing credits were always much stronger. My girlfriend got into Inuyasha way before I did, but what really caught me and got me interested in what the show was about was one particular closing sequence, which I happened to catch as she was watching it.

That would be the one where they used Naime Amuro’s “Come My Way”. It remains, to this day, my favorite closing credit song in all of anime.

Part of what makes it work so well is that it captures the heart of Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship, and all the ways Kikyo figures into that, and how it affects all of them. Which was, in a lot of ways, always at the heart of the story, so the sequence in many ways works to explain what the story is about on an emotional level.

That, and it’s just damn pretty, especially when paired with such wonderful animation and imagery as it is here. This was the song that made me want to watch Inuyasha, and over time, has in my head, become very much the piece of music that defines the show.


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